In NEWS 105 at Ball State University, you will learn all about the mainstream media, and how to write in that style. From print to broadcast, you will learn the basics of all kinds of media in the world right now!

AP Style

The Associated Press puts out a book of guidelines and rules that virtually every news agency uses as the basic code of conduct. This book houses all the areas of reporting that may be under question. For example, The American Automobile Association is now only known as AAA in printed news stories. This is just one example of how something should be formatted according to AP Style. In this class, you will need the updated AP Stylebook and have a general knowledge of the content inside.

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Writing as a Professional

In contrary to many writing classes, essays are not the main focus in this class. As a result, you will write actual articles that would be similar to real-world works. This gives you an advantage that other students may not have. In addition to studying how media works, you will gain experience that will help you in your respective career field. Not everyone is a writer, so this class also touches on T.V. and radio broadcast which offers an array of interests.


Mock Stories and Articles

As stated above, real-world articles are a focus in this class. You and your peers alike will read mock information on an event that probably didn’t happen. Although it may not be real, your stories will still be accurate with the information and will give you opportunities to practice your reporting skills. This is a great way to broaden your horizons past your major and to get a taste of the real world.

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As an aspiring journalist or broadcaster, professionalism is very important, especially in this class. As a part of your grade, you will have to attend one or two seminars outside of class. These seminars have guest speakers who provide real-life information. This information can be riveting for someone who needs that little push of motivation. In some cases, you will be asked to write a news-style story on these events. This pushes your knowledge even further into real-world writing over events that actually happened.

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News Discussions

In this class, you will have an opportunity almost every day to discuss current events. Other than current events classes, many classes do not offer anything like this. This is a very important part of the class because you will be learning to do the same things that the real reporters are doing out in the field. To be able to analyze and discuss events and stories that have actually happened, will give you an edge on how to write these stories.

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At Ball State University. NEWS 105 is a real-life oriented class that offers a very good experience for a career in journalism. You will learn how to write news stories and radio broadcasts about real and fake stories, which will provide knowledge for the real world.

Drew Pierce

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