ASTR 100 at Ball State University is a popular humanities class that many students choose to get their Core Curriculum class out of the way. Here are some ways you can succeed and get a good grade in this class!

Attend Class!

Although this seems like a very basic and simple concept, it is extremely important to go and be engaged in class. Because this is a lecture-based class, attendance is not usually taken so it can be easy to slack off. In class, there is a lot of information covered that the book might not even hit on, so it is crucial to pay attention in class!


Take Notes

This may seem like another cliche idea, but it is important to take notes on the material and to put it into your own words. Making scientific-sounding terms into something that anyone can understand will help you avoid confusion and make it easier to study. Another reason to take notes is because of how many people could be in your class. To a professor that handles hundreds of students in a class, it is easy to become a number to them. Getting one on one help from this type of professor can have its challenges, but with sufficient notes, this process can be a lot easier.


Copy Down all the Equations

This is a very scientific class that requires many equations and mathematical skills. That being said, it is crucial to copy down all of the equations that are presented during lecture. It is even easier to just snap a picture of the equation for later reference. These equations become very handy when it comes to having to use them for homework assignments.

Image result for lots of equations gif

Do Your Homework!

As a lecture class, ASTR 100 does not have many grades in the grade book. Other than tests, homework is really the only other grade that will contribute to your final score. Every point counts and will make a difference when it comes to your final grade. Most of the homework is math based so be prepared to do physics calculations.


With these tips, you are sure to survive ASTR 100 at Ball State! Be prepared to learn a lot more about physics than planets and stars, because that is the majority of the content. Astronomy will be a breeze if you follow these tips!


Drew Pierce

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