With finals season upon us, you might be wondering where the best places to study are at Ball State University. Well, you are in luck! Here are the best places to get studying for finals week.

1. Bracken Library

This is definitely one of the most popular spots to study for finals. Because of the convenience of all the computer and printers, this really is one of the best spots to set up camp and cram for your tests. Another great feature is the long hours that the library is open. With the possibility of the library being open until 3 a.m. on most days, you can really grind it out. Another added plus is there is a cafe that sells pastries and coffee to keep you properly fuel when preparing for your finals!

Library-banner2. The Atrium

The Atrium can be the perfect spot for studying if you do not like to stay up late and don’t  mind a little bit of noise. This may not be the ideal spot for some people, but it has some good focus points when it comes to studying. The Atrium is home to a well-sized food court which gives you an array of food options to keep you awake while studying. Although the Atrium does not have extensive hours like the library, it has the basics when it comes to preparing for finals!

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3. Your Hammock

This may not apply too much to fall semester finals, but it will definitely come into play during the spring semester. A popular practice at Ball State is hammocking around campus. On a nice day, relaxing and studying can be very calming for stressed out college students.

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4. Residence Hall Lobbies

One of the closest areas to study from your room can be located right downstairs! Most residence halls offer a good-sized lobby and seating areas furnished with couches and tables for your sitting conveniences. This is a good area to meet with friends and study groups to make sure you ace your finals. In addition to the lobbies, some halls have good sized computer labs that can be used to print and to study online. Both of these features are at the disposable of Ball State students right in their building!

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5. Your Room

Probably one of the best and most productive places to get studying is in the privacy of your own room. Although the looming presence of internet distractions can tempt you, the quietness of your room can give you an opportunity to get some real work done. As long as your roommate is on the same page, the peacefulness of your room can be the perfect way to ace your tests!


At Ball State University, there are many places for everyone to get some work done and to really prepare for final exams that are right around the corner. If you take this advice and find out what place works best for you, you are certain to be prepared for final exams!

Drew Pierce

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