1. “I can TOTALLY get across campus in 10 minutes!”

When you come in for any kind of tour of the campus or even for orientation, staff will tell you that you can get across the Ball State campus in 10 minutes. Do. Not. Believe. Them. I personally had a class in the Rec Center and then had 10 minutes to make it to class in West Quad. It WAS NOT possible. Or, I guess let me rephrase, it was possible, but I had to sprint. Cardio on this campus is key, ladies and gentleman, if you want to make it across campus to your classes and be on time.

2. “Oh no! I totally ran out of prints for the semester!”

Okay, so maybe if you run into a TA or a grad student you will hear this, but if you’re around the average Joe type of student there is no way to even come close to using up all 500 free prints that the campus allots you per semester. At the end of the year last year I even considered typing up a paper for one of my classes and putting one sentence per page just so I could come close to using up all of my prints.

3. “I LOVE parking on campus. It’s just so simple!”

Parking on campus is a nuisance, there’re no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You have to pay to park at every single one of the parking garages, and on top of that, none of the parking garages are super convenient to any classes so there’s no point in parking in them anyway unless you want to go to Bracken or the Student Center. There are parking meters everywhere, which would be incredibly useful for class, BUT you can only feed the meter for 45 minutes and naturally classes are a minimum of 50 minutes! You COULD risk parking in a meter for longer than 45 minutes and hope you don’t get a ticket, but don’t hold you breath. Some would swear that parking services sits and watches your meter tick down the time so that the instant the meter runs out, they can print you a ticket. The same goes for parking in a lot that you don’t have a parking pass to. You WILL get a ticket. Basically, parking on campus is a nightmare. Just walk everywhere.

4. The elevators in Bracken move SO quickly.

It is almost comical how rickety and slow the elevators in Bracken Library are. Like, envision just feeling like you’re hanging by a string and could drop any minute because of the sketchiness of the elevators. That is what you will find in Bracken Library.

5. $8.20 is more than enough money to buy food in the dining halls!

Seriously. I want to create a petition and write a strongly worded letter to the university detailing just how awful their meal plan system really is. A single slice of pizza in Woodworth is $5.00 for God’s sake! Literally, one single slice in Woodworth is worth the same amount of money as an entire pizza at a pizza place. How do you expect me to get a healthy, filling meal when I can barely buy two things for $8 in any given dining hall? My suggestion that I will stand behind forever is that instead of only letting us use $4.60 for breakfast and $8.20 for lunch and dinner (only having very specific times we can use said allowance of money mind you), just give every student $21 to buy food for the day everyday. They can use it at whatever time they wish and they can buy as much as they want with that $21, but once they go over that $21 for the day they have to cover the rest of their expenses with their own money or with Cardinal Cash. The university won’t be forking over any extra money, and students won’t have to worry about not making it to the dining halls before lunch is over to use their $8.20 for lunch or having to starve if they already used their lunch swipe early in the day and want to buy an early dinner at 3 in the afternoon.

6. I have NEVER piggybacked into a residence hall before.

Let’s be real. Everyone piggybacks into the dorms and the people at the front desk do not care at all. When I lived in Lafollette last year I MADE people who wanted to hang out with me piggyback in because I was too lazy to walk to the elevator and ride down just to open the door and let them in. #oops #sorrynotsorry

7. I’m glad that Ball State decided to cancel classes in this ice storm.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ball State will never cancel classes even if it’s -70 degrees and the snow is piled 10 ft. high.

8. I love it when there is one pedestrian at the Scramble light and they force the countdown to begin!

I admit that having a light dedicated to allowing pedestrians 30-seconds to walk through an intersection in any direction they want without having to deal with cars being able to turn or move in any way is honestly cool. There has been more than one occasion where I have been late to class where being able to cross the street diagonally has saved my life. The scramble light is a blessing for pedestrians. That being said, I don’t think I have met one single person who enjoys the scramble light while they were driving through campus. Let me lay out a scenario for you: It is 9 o’clock at night and you are heading home after your night class and you just want to get home as soon as possible. You reach the scramble light just as it is turning red. On one corner there is ONE PERSON waiting to cross the street and they push the scramble button! The light scrambles and now this ONE PERSON has 30 seconds to walk 10 feet across the street. Why didn’t that person just walk across the street where they had the right of way without scrambling the light and making you wait an additional 30-seconds? The world may never know and it is infuriating.

9. The Wifi here is GREAT!

Don’t be surprised to look down at your phone and you are randomly using 3G because the Wifi on campus decided to quit working… again. Even in the library it is spotty!

10. The Ball State busses have NEVER left me at a stop after I’ve run to catch it.

You’d think that if a bus driver saw you sprinting to catch the bus that they would stay at the stop for 5 more seconds to let you on, right? Wrong. There have been multiple instances where myself or someone I know has been running to catch the bus and the bus driver has seemingly acknowledged that said person is running to catch the bus and paused at the stop longer than normal. Then, just as you’re about to reach the door, the bus just drives off! Now, not all drivers do this. There are quite a few of them who are incredibly nice and will wait for you to get there and let you on, but don’t be surprised if one day there is a bus driver on campus who is having a bad day and decides to leave you at the stop just to spite you.

11. Look how cool that guy looks with his lanyard hanging around his neck!

Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER wear your lanyard around your neck under any circumstances. You will look like a freshman and you will be made fun of for it. The same goes for wearing your high school letter jacket.

12. I love having to pay to take classes at the Rec.

I honestly think that Ball State is the only university in the country that MAKES you pay to exercise outside of already paying for tuition, room and board, a meal plan, etcetera… Technically you CAN exercise for free in the rec if you just want to hit the weight room or run on the track, but in order to participate in ANY kind of workout class (yoga, Pilates, Zumba) or join an intramural sports team you have to pay for it. We have an obesity epidemic in this country Ball State! The least you could do is make all exercise free!

13. Who is Benny?

If you go to Ball State and you don’t know who Benny is, go home. Beneficence, aka Benny, is a statue on campus that is the iconic symbol of the university. Technically, Benny was commissioned as a memorial for the five Ball brothers who founded the university. There is, of course, a bunch of lore surrounding Benny. It is said, that if you kiss your significant other while sitting underneath Benny and her wings flap, your love is true love, but if her wings do not flap, that your love is not meant to be.

14. The roads around campus are so great to drive on!

Pot holes. Pot holes everywhere! Actual campus is fine to drive on. McKinley and University and Riverside ON campus are perfectly paved and glorious roads to drive on, but dear God, don’t drive on any side street right off of campus if you value your car.

15. Ball State is a terrible university!

Despite how much I have seemed to rag on Ball State throughout this article, I honestly love this school. Though it has flaws (outlined above in numbers 1-14) there is no other university I would rather attend! There is always something fun going on somewhere on campus, there are a myriad of different majors and classes for everyone to take, and every person (staff or student) on campus is incredibly nice and helpful. I have met some of my best friends and created some of the best memories here in good ole Muncie, Indiana and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world.


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