Ball state university 1

1. There is an intricate tunnel system that runs underneath the campus

And it’s probably filled with the bodies of underclassmen that got drunk and went in half cocked, or a pile of discarded carcasses from the Biology department.

2. Beneficence (Benny, as we so lovingly call her)

The teller of all true love as her bronzed wings are said to come to life and flap if you kiss your true love in front of her. This is also a smooth way to break up with someone. #lifehack

3. The top floor of Elliot Hall is haunted.

It would make my life if this Hogwarts-esque building really was haunted…but I have yet to hear a truly convincing haunt story.

4. You get a semester of free room and board if your roommate dies.

It’s said the emotional trauma you go through if your roommate dies has pushed some people to leave campus, so this is a way to get them to stay and keep them in school.

5. You get free tuition if you get hit by a Ball State shuttle.

I was *this* close to testing this one out.

6. Rubbing Frog Baby’s nose will bring you good luck during finals week.

Due to the high amount of nose rubbing done by those in the early BSU years, Frog Baby was relocated to the middle of a small fountain to deter people from rubbing her nose…but now we just trek out to her in the dead of winter (when they have drained the water) and dress her in winter garb to keep her nice and warm. How thoughtful of us!

7. Parking Services

Parking Services personnel are actually vultures in human form that circle meters until they tick down to 0 minutes so that they can hand out parking tickets. I can actually confirm this rumor.

8. The University’s President, Paul W. Ferguson, was forced out of his position because he had an affair.

Another rumor: he’s dying. But that’s sad, therefore I choose not to believe that.

9. NBC’s Parks and Recreation

NBC’s Parks and Recreation is based off a TV show concept developed by a Ball State undergrad and that’s why the writers are so obsessed with Muncie (but we don’t mind). The story goes that said undergrad did this for a class, put the idea online and didn’t copyright it…therefore it fell into the capable hands of Amy Poehler and Michael Schur who made it a reality, much to the chagrin of the student who could have profited BIG time on his idea.

10. There is a boot buried under McKinley left behind by a student during construction years ago.

Another rumor that I might be able to confirm..


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