A great way to pass time while at college is to attend athletic events! Now that winter is upon us, Men’s Basketball is in the heart of its season. As one of the top competitors in the MAC conference, Ball State faces against top competitors in the nation!

1. The Nest

If you are a student at Ball State you know about the Nest. The Nest is the dwelling place for the college students who can attend these games free of charge! This is where the energy is generated within Worthen Arena. The Nest is open to all Ball State students with an ID and it is a perfect place to spend a cold winter night, cheering on the Cardinals!

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2. You can Use Meal Swipes at the Arena

An added perk of attending the games is that you can still use your meal swipes while at the game! This is very convenient so you don’t have to take extra money to enjoy a burger while watching some basketball. If you are out of swipes for the day you can still use your dining plus to grab a drink at the game!

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3. Competition with Top Teams in the Nation

Although Ball State is a Division I school, the MAC is not one of the biggest conferences in the country. The more popular conferences include the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, and many others. However, Ball State still plays a number of these “bigger” teams. When the Cardinals play a top-ranked team in the nation, they are never counted out and have many times proved to be the underdog of the Midwest.

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4. Ball State is Having a Winning Season

It is much more enjoyable to attend and watch when the team you are rooting for is actually winning! This season the Cardinals have been on a hot streak and have added up twice as many wins as losses against top MAC and other competitors. Of these wins, one was against #8 ranked Notre Dame in a buzzer-beating thriller. Ball State has beaten almost every team in Indiana!

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If you find yourself bored in the winter season at Ball State University, stop by the Nest at Worthen Arena to cheer on the Cardinals free of charge! Being able to use your meal plans and having a great atmosphere to enjoy BSU athletics is a great perk of being a Ball State student!


Drew Pierce

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