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There are quite a few upsides to being a college student, but the perks you don’t know about beforehand can be the best. From deals at restaurants and other stores to discounted apparel, college students are held up by the community. Here are some places that will give you some good deals just for being a Ball State student!


Papa John’s

Since the founder and former CEO of Papa John’s is a Ball State Alumni, the university has a pretty good relationship with the pizza chain. There is an array of options for students to get some good deals on pizza. For online orders, you just have to enter a code to get pizza up to 30% cheaper than everyone else!

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Texas Roadhouse

Although Texas Roadhouse is a fairly expensive restaurant, it offers a pretty good deal for Ball State students. With a purchase of an adult entree at the Muncie location, you can get a free appetizer!

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For those nugget lovers out there, McDonald’s has the deal for you! If you present an ID from Ball State you can get buy one get one free six piece McNuggets from the Muncie location!


Jack’s Donuts

Jack’s Donuts is a very popular chain donut shop that has a location in Muncie. If you present ID at this location and other nearby locations, you can receive 30% your entire order!

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Muncie Public Transportation

Although this is not a specific store, this is a great value for Ball State students. Muncie has given students the ability to take the city bus for free. The buses run through campus and the most popular route it to Walmart. Now you can get groceries without paying for gas!

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Cousin Vinny’s

This local pizza and grill restaurant offers Ball State students. Although there are quite a few deals that they offer, one of the best deals are only for college students! You can get a large two-topping pizza for only $7.99!

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McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli is a popular sandwich shop that has some pretty good deals for students. Although this coupon is only available at the Muncie location, you can get 30% off your entire meal!

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Reed’s Plumbing

Although many students that live on campus will probably not deal with Reed’s Plumbing, students that live in apartments will see the value. Reed’s is offering $25 off any plumbing or sewer line jetting for students!

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Johnny Carino’s

Johnny Carino’s is an Italian restaurant this is sort of on the expensive side of dining. If you want a night away from campus food, you can present your ID and get 10% off your dinner price!

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If you ever need T-Shirts made or embroidered apparel, this is the cite to use! Students will be able to use a code to 30% off online orders and free setup for orders of $100 or more!

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Added perks to being a student is always a plus, especially when you can get a bite to eat or a discount on some goods. Make sure to do your research so you can receive the full value of your time as a student. So make sure to pay attention to the deals that are at your disposal!


Drew Pierce

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