There are some facts about Ball State University that students may or may not know. For those who do not attend Ball State, these facts may be new information. So whether you are a current or future student, here are some fun facts that you may or may not know!

Ball Mason Jars

The name of Ball State University came from the generous donation from the Ball family. The school was founded by the Ball brothers and donated to the state to serve as a public university. The Ball family is the same family that owns the Ball Mason Jar company. They created an empire from glass jars and that translated into Ball State becoming a public school!

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Original Name

Ball State wasn’t always Ball State. Before this name, BSU was called the Eastern Indiana Normal School. The original purpose of the school was for training teachers. In 1899, this school was established as a teacher’s college, but about 20 years later it possessed the Ball family name. It wasn’t until 1965 where Ball State University became the official name for the school!

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Indiana’s Largest Planetarium

The Charles W. Brown Planetarium serves as Indiana’s largest Planetarium and is located on the Ball State campus! Astronomy classes, as well as the general public, have access to the planetarium during posted hours. The dome has state-of-the-art projection systems to display stars and planets for observation. Make sure to check online and mark down the dates and times when shows are being presented!

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The Cardinals Lose Bowl Games

Although this may not be a happy fun fact, the Ball State football team has gone 0-7 in NCAA bowl games. Between 1989 and 2014, the Cardinals have had seven appearances in national bowl games, but have yet to seize a victory. The most recent bowl game was against Arkansas State in the 2014 GoDaddy Bowl. This game resulted in a three-point loss which was the closest the Cardinals had ever been to take a victory.

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Here are some interesting facts about all things Ball State University. Whether you are a student or a collegiate trivia lover, there are lots more to learn about Ball State and its history. Be sure to remember these fun facts to impress your friends!


Drew Pierce

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