The Telecommunications Program at Ball State is highly ranked nationally and it may be the best fit for you! Ball State University houses one of the best telecommunication programs in the country and it offers many opportunities for its students. Here are a few facts about the Telecommunications program at Ball State!

Majors, Minors, and Masters

At BSU, students that look to make a career in the T.V., radio, and other media have many options when it comes to telecommunication studies. Students can participate in the major and then masters courses through the department. In addition, there are three minors that any student may take if they so desire.


Student Media

There are many student-run media groups on campus that cater specifically to telecommunication students. Groups like Cardinal Metrics and Newslink Indiana specifically use multimedia, state of the art technology to create real-life opportunities for its members. This is a great way for you to gain professional experience at the rate in which you choose!

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Immersive Learning Opportunities

Immersive learning opportunities are great features that give students real-life experience that goes off campus and among professionals. This process includes faculty members assisting students that will work with real clients from local businesses to produce things like commercials and short films. This is required for all students to participate in to ensure that you will make connections that will benefit you after college.


Opportunities for Travel

The department of telecommunications strongly encourages students to travel abroad to broaden their knowledge of international media. The department works closely with the  Rinker Center for International Programs to ensure that students have the best resources when considering to travel abroad. Although it may be expensive, it will give you opportunities that will help you perfect your craft.

Traveling (1)


Another great requirement for telecommunication students is the requirement that they must hold an internship during the four years of the program. This will make students get real-world experience while continuing their studies at Ball State. The professors of the department have the skills necessary to arrange local and national internships for you!

Businessman drawing Internship concept

If you are trying to figure out which school may be the right choice for telecommunication majors, consider Ball State at the top of your list! The department has all the tools necessary to make you successful in this field, and all you have to do is apply!


Drew Pierce

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