At Ball State University‘s Miller College of Business, you have many options for majors, minors, and MBAs. The college is home to top-notch, professional equipment and knowledgeable staff that will ensure your business success. Here are a few facts about the Miller College of Business at BSU!

5 Different Concentrated MBAs

If you are a dedicated and motivated individual who really wants to succeed in the business world, Ball State can help you by offering five different concentrated MBAs in addition to a general MBA. The five concentrations are Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Economics, Logistics, and Sales Management. If you dedicate your time and effort to the program, you will have great opportunities ahead!

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Student Organizations

Just about every department at Ball State has a student organization or two that are directly involved with that department. The Miller College of Business has just under 20 clubs and organizations that appeal to the ideals of the college. Some organizations include Accounting Club, American Marketing Association, Economics Club, and many more! If you are a business nut, there is bound to be a student organization that fits your interests!

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6 Departments

No matter your business aspirations, the Miller College of Business has six different departments that will hold just about everything business related. The six departments are Accounting, Economics, Finance and Insurance, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management, and Marketing. So if you want to get involved with business and finance, this college will have the resources you need!


Dialogue Days

Dialogue Days is a two-day event that is put on by the Miller College of Business Alumni Society. The event includes networking and social opportunities as well as professional workshops that will mold you into the correct business mindset. Over 75 alumni hold one-hour sessions that will discuss all things business. This is a great event that will allow you to network and get to know professionals in your field!


If you chose to further your education through the Miller College of Business at Ball State University, you will be in the good hands of trained professionals. If you really want to put in the time and effort into your education, the Miller College of Business is a good home for you!


Drew Pierce

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