At Ball State University, the College of Sciences and Humanities is home to majors, minors, and a good chunk of University Core Curriculum classes. Whether you are interested in a field regarding the sciences or not, you will be impacted by this college! Here are a few facts about the College of Sciences and Humanities at BSU!

University Core Curriculum

Every college student has to take some core curriculum classes that may not have anything to do with his/her major. With this in mind, every student at Ball State will have to go through a University Core Curriculum class that is related to sciences and humanities. In fact, the College of Sciences and Humanities courses make up the biggest chunk of core classes out of the other colleges.

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Pick a Major

Since the College of Sciences and Humanities is one of the biggest on campus; there are over 60 majors that directly fall under the college. Some of these majors include Ecology, Computer Science, English, Philosophy, and many more. Since it is such a big college, they have a ton of resources that will ensure you can get the help you need no matter which major you pick. So find which area of expertise really interests you and apply for the College of Sciences and Humanities to see what they can offer you!

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Pick a Minor

Whether you are a major in the college or not, you have many other minor options so you can still receive knowledge in the subjects while obtaining a different major. There are more than 30 minors that any student at Ball State can take. Some of the minors include Chemistry, Creative Writing, History, and so many more!

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Lots of Departments

Since the College of Sciences and Humanities is so large, there are a whole lot of departments that all have their own attributes and strengths. There are around 30 departments that make up this college. Each department has their own majors that makes it easy for you to find resources and materials directly related to your major. There are plenty of buildings and resources for you!

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Internships, Individual Studies, and Study Projects

One of the most important aspects of the biggest college is the prominence of internships and study projects by the students and faculty. Students have access to workshops and labs that are on and off campus that are free to use. Professors are dedicated to helping students solve problems and making students think critically. Make sure to take advantage of all the free resources at your disposal!

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As the biggest college at Ball State, the College of Sciences and Humanities holds the most liberal arts programs on campus. Whether you want to be a mathematician or a chemist, this college has all the resources that you will need. The faculty of this college will ensure that you will have the right connections when finding a career!


Drew Pierce

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