There are many perks to being a student at Ball State University. However, being a freshman does come with some downsides. Being a freshman at just about any university has some downfalls and Ball State is no exception. Here are a few things that really aren’t too great about being a freshman at BSU.

Parking a Mile Away

Unfortunately, freshmen at Ball State are not allowed to park in dorm parking lots on campus. Although it is a good thing that students are allowed vehicles, it really is a big inconvenience to have to park at Scheumann Stadium which is over a mile away. This is one of the biggest struggles for BSU freshmen. If you do not have a premium housing plan, you will be lucky to even get a freshmen parking pass that will cost you a decent amount of money.

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Adjusting to College Food

At any school, the transition from home-cooked food to semi-fast food and college cuisine can be quite challenging. The “freshman 15” is the most popular term used when new students are in this transition. This is referring to the weight that some freshmen put on because of the higher intake of fatty foods. Since, for some students, this may be their first taste of freedom and this is a dangerous factor. Make sure to try and slowly transition to the campus food to prevent the Freshman 15!



Using Blackboard

Blackboard is an educational service that is provided by Ball State and is required to turn in assignments for most classes. This may be considered a downside of Ball State by some students that have never used a related program. In this day and age, more and more schools are converting to all online modes of education. For a student that is used to hard copies of everything, this may be a big change. Especially for those who struggle technologically, this may be a challenge.

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Limited Dorm Selection

Although Ball State is not as strict about “freshmen only” dorms as many other universities, it is still challenging for freshmen to get the better dorms. Since upperclassmen get first dibs on the dorm selection, it can be fairly challenging to get the best dorm on the market. The best bet to get a good dorm is to hope that your major’s LLC is in that building. In some cases, it may cost a little extra to get the dorm you want but it is worth it!



Boring Core Curriculum Classes

Probably the worst thing about being a freshman is having to go through seemingly pointless classes that have nothing to do with your major. This is a very frustrating aspect of an education because it seems stupid to be learning about a subject that has no correlation to anything you are interested in. Fortunately, shortly after the first few semesters, you will be able to hone your skills in your major!

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There are many good perks that come with being a student of Ball State University, but there are some bad factors that go along with them. These factors include not having access to things that upperclassmen get and having to take classes you don’t carry about. When picking a school, make sure to weigh your options of good and bad perks!


Drew Pierce

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