As one of the most popular fields of study in the science world, biology serves as one of the leading career areas in the world. At Ball State University, the Department of Biology has the necessary tools to empower the world with the next professionals. Here are a few things you may need to know about the biology program at Ball State!


Pre-Health Program

If you have a love for science but you really don’t know what concentration you want to go into, then this department has the perfect program for you! The Pre-Health Program has nine different areas that will help you in an array of different career paths. These programs are designed to be broad enough for those who haven’t made a decision yet, but they still offer tons of information and a quality education.


Doctoral Programs

There are two programs that extend beyond both graduate and undergraduate programs in the Biology concentration. One of the programs is in science education. This is a program for devoted individuals who want to go back into the educational world and more specifically, science. The other program is environmental science. This is a new program that will offer you a bunch of resources to make a difference in this world.

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Field Studies and Research Projects

One of the most important parts of your college education is the real-world experience. In the Department of Biology specifically, there are many opportunities to gain real experience in the form of field studies and group projects. Some of the most popular places that students work are Belize, Costa Rica, and a few others! If you progress through your education you will have some great opportunities to do research projects with groups that are specific to your major and concentration.

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Graduate Studies

Through Ball State, you have the option of a Master’s of Arts in Biology or a Master’s of Science in Biology. Both of these options are great for those who want to further their education past a Bachelor’s and get into the real world. There is even a Graduate Minor that is offered in Biology if you may want to get a Master’s in a different area. Be sure to consider graduate school to better your chances of getting a career!

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If you are a lover of the sciences and the biology field seems to be a good fit, consider Ball State University to be the place where you get your education. The Department of Biology has many resources and real-world experiences that other schools may not offer! Ball State has what you need!


Drew Pierce

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