If you go to Ball State University and have some free time, consider going to a Ball State theatre production. Theatre students and faculty completely run these shows and it only costs a few dollars to attend! Here are four productions that will be airing from December 2017 to April 2018!

It Can Happen Here: A Modern Dance Concert

This unique show is a modern twist on how dance can unite people and install hope into a community. The performers discuss modern politics and its role in society. They express their views through the form of dance to evoke change and community love. Although this play already took place, be sure to check the website and see which shows will happen next!

happy dance

Detroit ’67

Taking place in 1967 Detroit, a brother and sister work on running a club in their basement. Soon, the city goes crazy and they are wrapped up in the Detroit Riots. The Ball State theatre will be putting on this show at the beginning of February and it will run for nine days. This is a great opportunity for you to spend time with friends and go see a school production!

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A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is a musical about the stresses of being a Broadway gypsy to light. This musical encompasses the tensions and spirit of auditioning for Broadway shows. The production features over five riveting music numbers that bring the plot and them to the forefront. Tickets are around $15 and usual showtimes are around 7:30. Make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time online or at the box office!

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The musical version of this fairy tale classic is coming to Ball State! In the month of April, you will be able to go and see Ball State‘s interpretation of this traditional story. You will be able to see how Cinderella overcame her evil stepsisters and found prince charming. Make sure to check online to secure your seat at Cinderella this spring!

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A great way for some cheap fun with friends at Ball State University is to visit the university theatre to enjoy some shows! For only a few bucks you can see BSU‘s renditions of some classic works. Check on the university theatre’s website to make sure you can get tickets!


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