If you want to go into the field of construction, but you don’t want to be the one doing the work then the Construction Management program at Ball State University may be a good fit for you! This program will teach you all about the management side of the construction field. Here are a few reasons to further your education at BSU!

ACCE Accreditation

The American Council for Construction Education has granted Ball State the accredited status for bachelor’s degrees under the Construction Management program. This ensures that you will receive a quality education that will carry with you into the workforce. An ACCE accredited degree will carry with you forever! Make sure to take this into consideration when looking at programs!

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Required Minor

Every Construction Management Major must complete the Business Administration Minor in order to graduate. This is a great requirement to make sure that you are getting a well-rounded education. This minor is only available to these majors so it is a very exclusive perk. This is a 15 credit hour minor that will give you the knowledge of business in addition to management.

Business Communication

Required Internships

Every Construction Management student must participate in at least two different internships during your time at Ball State. Each internship must include at least 400 hours and at least 10 weeks of work. This is important because it will make you put in some real-world work. Ball State has connections all over the country and there have been students known to work in places like California, Chicago, South Carolina, and many other places!


Applied Technology Building

Another great reason to be a Construction Management Major is that many of the classes take place in the Applied Technology Building. This building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will ensure that you learn a lot. There are computer labs and teaching labs that you can use with your studies. Consider this as your major to take full advantage of these resources!

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Listed above are just a couple of reasons to get involved with the Construction Management program at Ball State University. Between all of the resources and real-world experiences, you are sure to get a well-rounded education! Make sure to do your research and look into Ball State!


Drew Pierce

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