Interior Design is a very popular program in the U.S. and Ball State University Harbors an excellent Interior Design program. At BSU, you will receive the necessary resources to prepare you for a career. Here are a few facts about the Interior Design program at Ball State!

Summer Design Forums

Ball State has two different summer programs that are catered to high school students and high school teachers. Although these may not be for current students, they are still great programs for incoming students and teachers alike. These programs aim to prepare the target audience to the world of interior design and how the field works. If you are considering either program, make sure to apply early because space is limited and competitive!




The Interior Design minor is a very unique minor compared to the others. This is because it is one of the most competitive minors at Ball State. The program only accepts five students per year to attempt to complete the 24 credit hour minor. The process of getting this minor requires an application with a written statement that states why you think this minor will better your life.

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If a Bachelor’s degree didn’t quite do it for you, then you may want to consider a Master’s of the Arts or a Master’s of Science in Interior Design. Ball State even has the option to complete your Master’s completely online! This is a great option to save some money and get a degree in the comfort of your own home. Make sure to consider graduate school if you want to extend your knowledge into the real world!

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Required Computers

In order to be admitted into the Interior Design program, you must have a laptop that meets the standards of the department. The three companies that are allowed in the program are Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. These are the only brands of computers that will support the work being done. Some other requirements are a mouse, 500 GB or more hard drive, built-in wireless, and a few others. Make sure that you check the list of requirements before buying a computer!



Required Internships

The best way to make a connection between your education and the workforce is with internships. The Interior Design program requires every student to participate in at least six credit hours worth of an internship during the four years at Ball State. Every internship out there has a specific set of skills that are being focused on. You have to apply for the internships and make sure you are eligible before applying!



If your love for interior design compels you to make a career of it, then consider Ball State University to be the school for you! Since an internship is required and there are tons of other resources available at your disposal! Do your research and keep Ball State in mind!


Drew Pierce

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