If you have a passion for education and you want to make a difference in the world of teaching, you should consider Ball State University‘s Department of Educational Leadership. This department offers you the necessary tools and resources to make a difference in the realm of education. Here are a few facts about the Department of Educational Leadership at BSU!

1. Seasoned Program and Professors 

With time, comes experience and legitimacy. The Department of Educational Leadership is one of the longest recognized programs at Ball State. Since 1936, this department has been granted educational administration degrees to students. This ensures that the professors and administrators are seasoned with knowledge and experience under their belts. If you choose to enlist your education in this department, you have over 80 years of experience to work with.



2. Nationally Ranked Program

Along with having quality professors with years of experience, the Department of Educational Leadership is nationally ranked by the Executive Leadership Corporation. Since 2005, Ball State has been given a Top 20 ranking in the United States for the programs offered by the Department of Educational Leadership. If you want to see for yourself, look at the magazine Leadership Excellence.

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3. Master’s of the Arts

The Department of Educational Leadership offers one Master’s program for the dedicated individuals who want to continue his/her education. The Master’s is in Educational Administration and Supervision and is focused on building character and leadership in the educational system. This is a great program to better yourself as a professional and to get a license to be a principal in an educational system.

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4. Doctoral Degrees

There is one doctoral program at Ball State‘s Department of Educational Leadership that is specifically geared to dedicated graduate students who want to take on educational administration and leadership. The Doctor of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision is the program offered to give you the best chance of getting a career as an educational leader. Do your research and make sure that this doctoral program is right for you!

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5. Internships and Assistantships

One of the most important opportunities to take advantage of in college is real-world work. These opportunities come in the form of internships and assistantships. You will have the opportunity to have student-teaching experiences and other assistantships that will help you mold yourself into an administrator. When considering your options, make sure to look at with opportunities you are offered!



If you have a desire to continue your education because of your love of education, then Ball State University may have the resources you need! With the Department of Educational Leadership, you will get the knowledge that is required to make a difference in the world of education!


Drew Pierce

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