If you want to pursue a career that is centered in the geography field, the consider Ball State University to further your education. The Department of Geography at Ball State offers the best resources and personnel to help you succeed. Here are a few things to know about the Department of Geography at Ball State!

1. Career Options

Although Geography does not seem like a very versatile field, there are many careers that can be made from having a degree in Geography. For example, this degree can get you into jobs like weather analysis, map making, satellite imagery, and many other! When considering a major, it is crucial to consider what type of jobs will come your way after schooling is over.

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2. Unique Immersive Learning Opportunities

Since Geography is the study of the earth, you will have plenty of opportunities to do real-world studies on the earth around us. For example, the department offers immersive learning opportunities that include storm chasing in the United States and study abroad programs all over the world. With this department, you will have the resources necessary to experience all you need to get your degree.

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3. Social Media

Like some other departments at Ball State, the Department of Geography has many social media accounts that keep their followers updated on all things Geography and BSU. Following these accounts will keep you in touch with the department. In order to stay in touch with the Department of Geography, you should visit their website and follow their social media accounts!

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4. Ball State Weather Station

The Ball State Weather Station is directly run by the Department of Geography and its partners. This is a great perk for students to study with the department because the weather station is there to gain some professional experience. If you want to keep up with weather updates on campus, follow the Ball State Weather Station’s twitter page and stay up to date!

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5. Research Opportunities

A key component to getting a college education is the opportunities of real-world experiences and research. Research projects include meteorology studies, climatology studies, and Geographical Information Systems Lab. These opportunities will give you the knowledge that you may not be able to acquire by sitting in a classroom. Do your research about what kind of research projects you qualify for!



If the world around you brings intrigue, the geography field may be a good fit for you. At Ball State University, the Department of Geography will provide you with the necessary skills and resources to make sure you are successful. Make sure to keep Ball State in mind!


Drew Pierce

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