The whole purpose of participating in higher education is to better prepare yourself for a career and the real world. The Career Center at Ball State University is the perfect facility to ensure that you are taking the correct steps for the future. Here are a few ways to use the Career Center to your benefit!

1. Student Employment

It is obvious that there are many stereotypes saying college students are always broke and have no money. The best way to break this stereotype is to get an on or off-campus job. At Ball State, all the on-campus and some off-campus jobs go through the Career Center. If you stop by the Career Center, you can get all the information necessary to get a job while balancing your studies.


2. Mock Interviews

A very intimidating and nerve-racking experience that everyone must go through at some point is interviewing for a job. One of the best ways to prepare for this moment is by visiting the Career Center. If you schedule an appointment with a professional that works in the Career Center, you will have the great opportunity to sit down and perfect your interviewing skills!


3. Cardinal Career Link Website

Cardinal Career Link is a website that is run by the Career Center. This website is the one stop shop for all the information you need that is related to work and career preparation. On this website, you can check available jobs, schedule appointments, and look for internships. This is a great tool that has so many resources involved so you will succeed during and after college!

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4. Academic Advisors

Getting a college education can be very confusing and quite tricky. However, Ball State has academic advisors to help go through this process. For example, your academic advisors will help you evaluate which classes you need to take to fit the requirements set for your major. You can go to your academic advisors to talk about anything that relates to your education for absolutely free!

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5. Internships

In order to make the right connections and to get the most out of your education, you should really get involved with internships. The Career Center is the place to go to get your foot in the door to a career you want. They have an entire branch of the center dedicated to student internships, so you are guaranteed some quality help when you are searching for an internship.


Since college can be a confusing and complicated time, you may need some help with getting your affairs in order. The Career Center is the place to visit at Ball State University in order to get this help. Whether you are a current student or an alum, you can use the Career Center for free for the rest of your life!


Drew Pierce

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