Many college students, no matter what major, enjoy looking at and interpreting art in many different forms. The David Owsley Museum of Art gives Ball State University students the opportunity to experience art first hand. Here are a few facts about this art museum at Ball State!

Art Classes

If you are not an art major, but you still want to learn about a specific form of art, you can register to take art classes through the museum. Classes can range from watercolors to sculpture to adult only painting classes. The museum offers these great opportunities to get the Ball State community involved with art and the field. Be sure to check the museum’s website to see which classes are offered next!

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Vast collection

With over 1,000 pieces of art, the Owsley Museum of Art offers just about every genre and period of art there is. Whether it historical artifacts from Asia or modern and contemporary pieces from the last few years, there is truly a little bit for everyone. There are art and artifacts from seven different periods of time that range from North American and all across the globe.

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Schedule Visits

If you are looking to visit the museum to learn a little bit more about a certain subject and you want someone to teach you at the same time as you observe, you can request a visit. The museum will schedule an employee who knows that area to meet with you and walk you through the exhibits. This is a great way to not only observe art but to learn the actual meanings behind it.

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 Special Exhibits

Each semester, a special exhibit is offered at the museum. These exhibits are usually centered around a specific person, idea, or style. This spring semester features Richard Diebenkorn: Beginnings. The exhibit features Diebenkorn’s work from 1942-1955. This exhibit will be in Muncie from February 1 to May 20 of 2018. Since this exhibit travels the country from museum to museum, this may be your only opportunity to ever experience it!

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Meditation in the Museum

This is a popular event at the art museum where any ball state student or community member can participate in. The counseling center and various professors take turns running through programs that revolve around self-motivation and meditation. This is a completely free program that anyone can get involved in. No RSVP is necessary, so just stop by the museum on the dedicated nights to relax!

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If you have had a lasting love for art, or you are just getting into the concept, the David Owsley Museum of Art has a little bit of everything for all interests. Since the museum is completely free, it is easy to spend some free time. Look at the museum’s website for everything you need to know about art!


Drew Pierce

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