Oil and water are two of the biggest and most expensive resources on the planet. That being said, there are millions of jobs that revolved around geological studies. The Department of Geological Sciences at Ball State University teaches all the necessary skills to make it in this vast field.

Field Studies

As a college student, it is important for you to take some time outside of a classroom setting while still gaining valuable knowledge. Geology and science are both very hands-on fields, so it is very beneficial to participate in some field studies during your time at Ball State. Whether you participate in week-long trips or simple research projects, you will get some life-long knowledge!

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Geological Society 

Many departments at Ball State have student organizations that are sponsored by the said department. The Department of Geological Sciences specifically sponsors the Geological Society at Ball State. The Geological Society aims to educate its members with biweekly meetings about the latest news in science. If you love to travel and have a knack for learning new things, then the Geological Society may be a good fit!

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Small Classes

Ball State prides itself on having generally small classes. Unfortunately, some entry-level classes have hundreds of students. Once you get to the higher level courses, the size of the class diminishes. The Department of Geological Sciences higher level classes have, on average, ten students per class. This number is less than the university average which puts the students of the department at an advantage!


Undergrad Scholarships

Paying for your education can be a huge hassle. Fortunately, the Department of Geological Sciences has specific scholarships and awards just for its students. There are five scholarships and two awards that are only offered to undergraduate students. These monetary awards will significantly help your finances during school. Make sure to apply early because they are highly competitive.


Summer Camps

Probably the best way to get out of a classroom and spend a summer improving your skills is with the department’s summer camp programs. These programs are designed for dedicated students who want to spend 5-7 weeks learning all about geology. Places like Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and many other states occupy Ball State students who are studying the geological sciences!

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If science is a passion for you and you seek to get involved in a career in that field, then the Department of Geological Sciences at Ball State University may be of some serve to you! When considering higher education, keep Ball State in mind for all your geographical needs!


Drew Pierce

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