Every Ball State University student must take core curriculum classes that usually have nothing to do with his/her major. One of the categories of classes that you must take is fine arts. If you choose to take Introduction to Theatre, here are a few reasons to not take the 8-week course online.

Quizzes Every Week

Since the 8-week course is cut in half from the normal 16 weeks, every week comes with a quiz that you have to complete. Each of these quizzes is worth a significant amount of points, so it is crucial to not forget to take the quizzes. An upside to the quizzes is that you are allowed to look at your notes. It is important to do well on the quizzes because they are a big chunk of your final grade!


Lots of Readings

There is an online book that all students of the classes must purchase that contains about 20 chapters of information. Each week there are two or three chapters that you are responsible for knowing for all quizzes and tests. In addition to the readings from the book, you are responsible for watching the instructor’s video lectures every week. Because of the condensed time frame, this can be a lot to take on.


Watching and Reading Plays

Since the class is Introduction to Theatre, you will be required to visit at least two productions in person and a few plays you will have to read. The downside of this is that you have to pay to go to the productions. It may not be all that much money, but it can still be a hassle. You also have to read full plays in order to complete assignments on a weekly basis.


Weekly Discussion Posts and Projects

On top of the quizzes and productions, you will have to complete discussion posts and big projects every single week. The projects range from one-page papers to six-page written plays. In addition, you will have to answer discussion posts every single week. You will also have to engage in your classmates’ posts as well. This, on top of everything else, is a lot to handle in a week’s time.


Online Proctoring Tests

Probably the biggest downside of this class is the online proctoring exams that you will have to take. Although you only have to take two per semester, this whole system is a real hassle. You have to make sure that you schedule a specific time to take the exam and you have to have every tab and program on your computer shut off. Then, you sign in to an account, where you have to video chat a proctor. The proctor has full control over your computer and monitors you as you take the exam.


If you are looking to fill the fine arts area of the core curriculum at Ball State University, consider not taking Introduction to Theatre online. Although you may get the option for an eight-week course, it is a lot to handle in a very short amount of time. Consider taking THEA100 in the classroom instead!


Drew Pierce

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