If you are a born salesman who loves to hustle and grind in business, Ball State University may have a major just for you. Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Selling will give you all the necessary knowledge to be an efficient and successful salesman.


As a part of the Miller College of Business, the Professional Selling program is nationally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This ensures that Ball State is offering you one of the best business programs in the country. This accreditation shows how important your education is to the college and the Professional Selling program.

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Interesting Class Options

With every major, there is has a set of classes that are very specific to said major. Professional Selling is no exception to this. There are a few very interested and niche classes that are unique to the program. Some classes include sales management, professional selling, advanced selling techniques, supply chain management, and many more!

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Broad Range of Jobs

Not too many people realize how many careers can be associated with professional selling. There are tons of options in many different fields that have to do with this subject. Some careers include insurance, healthcare, consumer products, financial planning and many more! Make sure to see if this program will successfully prepare you for the career you want.

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Department Scholarships

In order to have a career in this day and age, it helps tremendously to have a good college education. Paying for school is a big problem that many college students face. Fortunately, the Miller College of Business offers specific scholarships just for professional selling students. Make sure to apply early because these are very competitive and only a few spots are open!


Connections with the Real World

One of the main points in participating in higher education is to make some connections that will give you the best chances of landing a good career. Through internships and career fairs, you will be able to meet the professionals of your industry. By stepping out of your shell, you will have your name in the mouths of future employers and professionals.



There are many different career options that you will have if you choose to major in Professional Selling. Ball State University is determined to make sure that you will get the most out of this program. Make sure to keep Ball State and the Miller College of Business in mind when choosing a career!


Drew Pierce

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