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Top 10 Library Resources at Barnard College

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David Mello
6 Nov 2018
5 min read
The library is a crucial aspect of any college campus. At Barnard College, this happens to be no exception. Here are the ten best resources provided by the library at Barnard:

1) Personal Librarians

This is Jen Brown, the design librarian Not only does every student have access to an individualized librarian, but so does each subject. No matter what you study, a librarian will be there to help you. It doesn't hurt to have an expert in each field of study!

2) Course Reserves

This is the Course Reserves drop down menu Barnard's library is a division of the Columbia University Libraries group. Therefore, students have access to online course reserves. There are online materials that students can take advantage of to better study each course.

3) Printing and Scanning

This is a printer/scanner hybrid Printers are available to all students in the library. They are also fairly inexpensive to print each sheet. Scanners are also made available for a slightly higher price.

4) Access for Alums

This is a Barnard bookshelf When you are a Barnard student, you have access to the library for life. Alums have their own divisions of library access that they can utilize. Each loan period is a lengthy, solid four weeks, as well!

5) Access for Disabilities

This is a disabled Barnard student in a crosswalk The library also gives access to students who have disabilities at Barnard. There are elevators there to provide students with access to the entire library. There are also power activated doors to allow students access to the library itself.

6) Access for Visitors

Students check out books from the library There is also the capabilities provided to people who are not students at Barnard. With a simple library card, they have access to all the books available in the library. They probably just won't spend as much time in the library for studying!

7) Collection Development

Barnard's book collections line the shelves Barnard is always working towards strengthening the collection services provided at the school. Students and faculty work collaboratively to build collections. The collections also come in multiple formats, with different types of literature available.

8) Zine Library

This is a shelf in the Zine library Many who study women's studies embrace the Zine library. There are a plethora of Zines available for students to examine further. There are even workshops held here from time to time.


The IMATS layout is mapped out IMATS stands for instructional media and technology services. Here, students can get help with checking out high-tech equipment from the library. From the actual help desk, problems with WiFi and computer slowness, among others, can be dealt with.

10) Barnard Archives

This is an image of students from Barnard history that are present in the Barnard archives The Barnard Archives keep a record of the history of the school. Students from the past are documented here, along with their records. There are also photos that give a light to the way things were at Barnard. Located in Manhattan is Barnard College. It is one of the best schools in the entire city in New York. These library resources help it achieve this status.

Library and Services of Barnard

1) Barnard Library

The Barnard Library has flags in front The Barnard Library is the only library on the Barnard campus. It is also recently opened, meaning it is one of the newest libraries around. The highest quality of amenities can be found within the Barnard Library.

2) Center for Engaged Pedagogy

A professor at Barnard teaches on the chalkboard Barnard is a school that is always learning and growing. This center is a the prime spot for pedagogical learning to take place and unfold. Many professors tend to lecture within these halls, as well.

3) Vagelos Computational Science Center

The science center has a board where math problems are scrawled It's all math and science at the VCSC. Students can work through equations and hypotheses in completely unique manners. It is an interactive method of higher levels of learning.

4) Movement Lab

The science center has a board where math problems are scrawled The Movement Lab is a great resource for students partaking in artistic-based majors. Dancers, painters, and more can find a home for themselves at the Movement Lab. It gives students a space to be themselves!

5) Empirical Reasoning Center

Students and faculty gather in front of the Empirical Reasoning Center Numeracy and numbers are the main feature of the ERC. Students who study here can find excellent assistance for math work and math books. There are also plenty of workshops they can power through during their studies.


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