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10 Hardest Courses at Barnard College?

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Juliet Nduku

Barnard College is a private women’s liberal arts college located in Manhattan, New York City, United States. It was founded back in 1889, and is named after 10th president of Columbia University Frederick Barnard. It is one of the oldest women’s colleges not only in United States but also at the world at large. Some of the hardest 10 courses feared by the majority of student offered include the following:

1. MATH V 2010X - Calculus III

Calculus III is an advancement of calculus I and II

Mathematics has always given many people a headache. This is advanced by having to learn more on calculus in Calculus III. Complex numbers, exponential functions, differential equations, on top of so much more is entailed in this.

2. BIOL BC 1500 – Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

one of the most demanded course

When it comes to grading the lectures are not that soft and they always tend to make the students strive reading to earn those marks. Biology at this level will include the sciences and some bit of mathematic which when combined become stressful.

3. COMS W1004X – Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java

This course entail the study of computers and computational systems

Imagine having to spend all that time learning and trying to grasp all those new programming terms and techniques involved in java. It becomes overly overwhelming and many students find it hard to cope and drop out of the course.

4. CHEM BC2001 – General Chemistry

General chemistry introduction one it is not an easy one at all

Though the course unit is an introduction one it is not an easy one at all. It involves in-depth lectures and laboratory work. It continues on chemistry where the students left back in high school.

5. PSYC BC1001 – Introduction to Psychology

Help understand the basics of neuroscience

Involves the students being required to fully understand the basics of neuroscience, while developing competence in the interpretation and evaluation of neuroscience research, and so much more. All this is science-based and a lot of time is needed to grasp.

6. PHYS G 4021X – Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is not for faint hearted

The course is so hard in what it entails; the quantum mechanics in terms of state vectors and linear operators, three dimensional spherically symmetric potentials, and more. Calculation is also involved.

7. ASTR W3602 – Physical Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy

Astronomy focus in depth on the standard big bang

Students have to focus in depth on the standard big bang cosmological model and modern observational results that test it. A lot of physics is involved in trying to explain all this.

8. APMA E4400Y – Anatomy for Physicists and Engineers

imaging point view, skeletal, respiratory, and more is studied.

Requires all the students enrolled to have a basic understanding of engineering or physics background. Systematic approach to the study of human body from medical imaging point view, skeletal, respiratory, and more is studied.

9. ACTU K 4823X – Statistical Mechanics

Basic understanding on thermodynamics is a requisite

Basic understanding on thermodynamics is a requisite; this makes the unit even more complicated. The fundamental principles and underlying ideas of statistical mechanics is learned.

10. BIOL BC 1500X– Survey in Molecular and Cellular Biology

biology is a major requirement before enrolling for this class

Students have classical and modern approaches while trying to understand the basics of heredity, structure and function of cells. Basic knowledge of biology is a major requirement before enrolling for this class.

All one needs is an added effort so as to pass these course units despite their tough nature. For that high GPA there is a need to spend extra hour.


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