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Top 10 Coolest Classes at Barnard College

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Killa Kurls

College is tough sometimes. Sometimes, you need a break from everything, especially some of the harder classes that require you to really think straight and focus. However, there are some classes that can really allow students to take a break from the stress of classes, some of which are "cooler" than most. Below are some of the top coolest courses that students can take at Barnard College.

1. RELI V3000 - Buddhist Ethics

A statue of the Buddha

This class will help students to develop the essential knowledge points and viewpoints within Buddhism. Students will learn about the historical background of the upbringing within this religion and how it originated throughout he world. Students will also learn about the influence that is has brought to various countries and its followers.

2. WMST BC3131 - Women and Science

A woman that working her magic in science

Women are a key point in history as they have become more and more involved within many fields as they fought for their rights and opportunities. This class will explore the involvement of women in science. Students will learn more about women as scientists, engineers, physicians, and their biological research.

3. CHEM BC2900 - Research Method Seminar

A look at the various methods in chemistry

Have you ever wondered how scientists really research? How do you think and research like a scientist? This class will take students through the various methods that come from science the way it is today. This class will focus heavily on the written and applied methods of research and how scientists really get down in the lab!

4. AMST BC1042 - America and Early Modernity

The flag for the United States

This class will explore how America has modernized itself and has developed various technologies and advancements throughout history. This class will explore the impact that colonization has had on America. Students will allow students to learn more about the Scientific Revolution, the early Enlightenment, and the Renaissance.

5. MUSI UN1595 - Barnard-Columbia Chamber Singers

The Barnard Singers rehearsing for a show

Get up and sing your heart out! this group is open to both men and women at the university level. Students will have a chance to put on concerts and participate in various rehearsals for the Chamber Singers. Students will also learn different works from various genres as they develop essential skills for singing.

6. ANTH UN1009 - Introduction to Language and Culture

A look at the different languages around the world

This class is your gateway to learning about the world. This class will immerse students in various cultures and languages. Students will learn about the transformation of society and how society has expressed themselves through the various languages spoken today. Students will also learn about the history of various cultures.

7. AHIS BC2001 - Drawing Studio

A drawing of a hand on paper

Do you want to learn about art and how to draw? Students will learn about drawing and how drawings play a role in the world that we live in. Students will learn more about figure drawing, the process of mapping out drawings for artworks, and how to dissect different drawings as well. Students will be able to better their skills for drawing here in a very chill environment!

8. ITAL UN1101 - Elementary Italian I

A look at the flag for Italy

Who doesn't love pizza and pasta? Immerse yourself in the heart of Italy by learning the language and the culture! Students will have a chance to learn more about a different culture as they learn about a new language. Students will be able to learn more about the different ways of life that Italians go through daily.

9. FILM BC3201 - Introduction to Film and Media Studies

This class will learn more about the different films and genres. Students will learn more about how to study films and how to dissect them as well. Students will also get an introduction about films and media around the world. Students will also learn more about media studies and film theories.

10. THTR UN2002 - New York Theatre

A look at a stage in New York

This class will allow students to attend various performances as part of their weekly schedule and also attend a lab to discuss these performances with the entire class. Students will also learn more about contemporary New York theatre and the practice of production as well. Students will also learn more about the vocabulary used as well.


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