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10 Library Resources You Need to Know at Baruch College

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Baruch College is a public research university located in the Manhattan borough of New York City. The college is composed of three academic schools, the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts & Science, and the Marxe School of Public Affairs. The acceptance rate was only 27% in Fall 2013. Here are some resources to help you if you get in!

1) Laptop/Desktop rental

Forgot to bring your laptop or don't own one? Borrow one at the library! On the main library website, there is a section dedicated to laptop or desktop rental. You can get information about what software is available on desktops and also rent laptops and other electronics for 3 hour periods. There is an easy way to check the availability right on the website.

2) Study room rental

Study rooms are a great place for some peace and quiet. There are 34 study rooms available for student use at the Newman library. Students can check the real time availability of rooms near the bottom of the page as well as see how many 30 minute time slots are left in the day. You can easily rent a room as long as you have a user id and password from the university.

3) Ask a librarian

Do you need help finding what you're looking for? One of the best resources at the library is the "Ask the librarian" feature. You can chat with the librarians right on the library website. You can also email or schedule an in person appointment.

4) Search

Find out if what you want actually exists. What library wouldn't be complete without a search function? You can find the book you are looking for with easy to navigate parameters. The nice thing about the search is you can also filter your search to be more selective. For example, you can search through ebooks for a particular book.

5) Building Map

Never et lost if you have one of these! You don't want to get lost in the library! With 4 floors, it is easy to get lost without a map, but now you don't have an excuse! Find what stack your book is in or find the nearest restroom! Everything is nicely labelled so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for!

6) Magnificent views

When you're too tired from studying, you can always just take a break by staring out the window for a bit. Being located in NYC gives you views of the many skyscrapers in the area. It's a good way to give your brain a break from calculus!

7) Charging Stations

Where you in a rush this morning and forgot your phone charger! Have no fear, just go to the library! The libraries near Baruch College have charging stations for your mobile phones. Just find the cable that works for you and plug in. The only downside is you're stuck in the library while your phone charges!

8) Free job seminars

Offered at the Science, Business and Industry library, these seminars are open to the public and an easy way to look for a job! Do you not know how to prepare for an interview or do you think your resume isn't up to scratch? Come to one of these workshops to get help!

9) Cafes

I All this studying will make any student hungry! Luckily there are cafes located right at or near most of the libraries on this list! Grab a quick bite to eat or sit down to continue studying. It's an easy and convenient pit stop for hungry college students. The prices are reasonable too!

10) Interlibrary loan

Get that books you've been desperately needing from another university! Do you really want a book but the school library doesn't have it? Well, you can use the interlibrary loan to get it! Baruch College participates in this program where universities across the country can lend books to each other based on student needs. If you really need that forensics textbook, chances are another library will have it!

Libraries at Baruch College

1) Newman Library

This library is the main library on campus. It is located within the Information and Technology Building or Newman Library and Technology Center, at 151 East 25th Street in Rose Hill, Manhattan, New York City. Hours are Monday through Sunday, 7AM to 12AM. Originally built in 1895, almost 100 years passed before Baruch College bought it as part of their new campus.

2) New York Public Library - Epiphany Branch

Large well lit windows makes this a nice and quiet place to study. This library is located a few blocks from the Baruch campus and offers a quiet place to study or relax. The place is small but comfortable. Every once in a while you may find a strange person lurking around but that's why it's a public library. Hours are between 10AM to 5PM most days. You can also rent laptops for between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

3) Science, Industry and Business Library

A huge atrium for one of the main libraries in NYC. This is a great place to go if you're a business major. There are conference rooms available for business calls. Once a week there are free public seminars on ways to get employed and job skills. This library is open from 10AM to 8PM a few blocks north of Baruch College. Baruch College may be a touch school to get into but that shouldn't discourage you from attending! There are many resources available at the library to help you! Book a study room to power through exams or ask the librarian for help finding a study book for that calculus class.  You'll soon enjoy going to the library!


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