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10 Coolest Classes at Baruch College

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Killa Kurls

Classes are in almost in session and students are eager to go back to learning. Students will be able to get into hard classes but some students need a break. They have a chance to take some fun and cooler classes. Students need to take these classes to get some leisure time in and let loose. Below are some of the coolest classes that you can find at Baruch College.

1. PHY 1003 - Concepts in Physics

A look at the different equations that relate to physics

Get ready to combine math with science! This class is dedicated to teaching students on topics that relate to the field of physics. Students will learn about weight, force, Newton's laws of motion, the laws of gravitation, and the atomic nature nature of matter. This class will electrify your brain on the different theories that relate to physics.

2. PED 1310 - Karate Skill Techniques

A karate teacher teaching karate

Are you a fighter? Well then this class is for you and for your friends too! This class is meant to discipline students. Students will learn the basic movements and techniques that relate to karate, also know as Tae-Kwan-Do. This class will also allow students to gain exercise and momentum as well.

3. JRN 2500 - The Individual and the News in the Information Age

A cover story on a newspaper
A cover story on a newspaper

Journalism is all about informing the world of the current events that are going on within the world. Students will learn about the impact of the internet and the various social media platforms that allow people from around the world to really enhance their knowledge on what's happening within the world.

4. FPA 2000 - Introduction to Arts Administration

Paint splattered on bottles and brushes

Are you artsy? This class will give students an introduction to the field of arts administration and also allow them to choose a career path as they play a vital role in arts administration. Students will learn about the impact of society and how it plays a vital role in our society. Student swill also learn about the world of culture and society as well.

5. COM 1010 - Speech Communication

A speech communication class at a college

Are you a very communicative person? Students will learn about how to speak clearly, develop languages, and how to bring about intellectual awareness when it comes to developing languages as well. Students will also learn more about the science behind critical thinking and how to prepare for delivering speeches as well.

6. ANT 1001 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This class will teach students about the background behind anthropology. Students will learn about the enriching cultures around the world. Students will also learn about the origins of the human race, the nature of culture, languages, and the cross-cultural communication. Students will also learn about the historical points behind anthropology as well.

7. FLM 3001 - History of Film I

picture of film rolls and a camera with the mark slab

What's your favorite movie? This class will teach students about the history of film. This class, in particular, will teach students about the significance about various films throughout time. Students will study the early productions of films through the 1920s to the early forties. Students will also study the growth of the film industry as whole.

8. ART 2050 - Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout

A digital depiction of digital design

Are you artsy or do you like to design things? This class will teach students on how to layout digital designs, readings, and how to sketch out their designs. Students will also learn about the basic principles of design and how to design ads for different companies. Students will also learn more about the history about design.

9. BUS 1000 - Introduction to Business

Business partners shaking hands after confirming partnership

Are you a business-minded person? This class will teach students about the world of business and how the distinct parts of businesses work. This includes learning about marketing, management, finance, and the ethics of business. Students will also learn about the basic concepts behind creating their own businesses as well.

10. AAS 1512 - Introduction to the Religions of Asia

A map of various regions of Asia

This class will allow students to learn about some of the major religions from a whole other region. Students will learn about the various religions in Asia. More specifically, they will be learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. Students will learn about the many traditions and impact of religious literature on society.


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