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Top 10 Clubs Offered at Baruch College

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Drew Pierce

Especially for new students, it is important to be active with the school and the community. By joining clubs or organizations, you will be able to meet new people and have a good time. Here are the top 10 clubs offered at Baruch College.

1. Soccer Club

A great way to stay in shape on campus is by joining the Soccer Club. You will be able to play for fun without the pressure of being on a real team.

A soccer ball on turf

2. The Right Wings

If you consider yourself a Conservative, you should join the Right Wings. This group hosts various events and guest speakers on and off campus.

Terms relating to politics

3. The Ticker

The Ticker is a student-run newspaper that is on campus. If you want to join this award-winning newspaper, you will gain valuable experience outside of the classroom.

logo for the Ticker

4. Traders Club

If you want to learn how to make money using the markets, the Traders Club is for you. You will be a part of a group that manages a real account that makes real money.

Money in folders


LEXICON is an on-campus publication that is in charge of creating the yearbook for the seniors. You will be able to gain valuable design skills for your professional life.

The LEXICON logo

6. SEEK Society

The SEEK Society is a group on campus that advocates for change and self-involvement. You will be a contributing member in the community with this group.

SEEK professors


The Public Relations Student Society of America is a group specifically catering towards PR students. You will learn a lot of information that may not be actually taught in the classroom.

Public Relations word cloud

8. Model United Nations

If you want to learn more about international affairs, you need to join the Model United Nations. You will be able to work with other students and sort through political issues.


The Student Organization for Caribbean Appreciation is a group that will teach you a lot about the islands. You will be immersed in Caribbean culture and other societal factors to give you a better view of this region.

The Caribbean Islands

10. The Music Industry Club

A great way to put yourself out there for the professional world is by joining the Music Industry Club. This group focuses on putting your work out there to be exposed to future employers.

Businessman sitting beside a guitar

By joining any of these clubs, your time on campus will be much better spent. You will be able to meet a lot of new people who have similar interests. Check out these clubs offered at Baruch College!

Top Events Offered During the School Year at Baruch College

1. Meet and Eat

A unique take on a meet and greet is the Meet and Eat event. This event is a mixer that you can attend to meet new people and eat free food.

2. What's Your Social Style?

What's Your Social Style? is an event on campus that will teach you how to properly use social media. This will give yourself a style and a voice.

Media sites

3. This is My Brave

This is My Brave is an event on campus that you can attend to see how to live with mental illness. You will see the other side of the mental illness stigma to give you a good view of the issue.

picture of speech at a this is my brave event.

4. Clear Speech Workshop

If you want to learn how to speak effectively, you need to attend the Clear Speech Workshop. You will learn the basics of public speaking in just a few short hours.

Giving a speech

5. Market Research 101

If you are a part of a small business, you need to attend Market Research 101. This will give you the knowledge to expand your business.

Graphs and charts


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