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10 BRCC Library Resources You Need to Know

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There are many facets on an American college campus that are directly related to student success: the campus library is one of these facets. Students come to the library to study, complete work, and do, well, virtually anything. And at Baton Rouge Community College, students know how important the library is to their academic success. If you're an enrolled student looking for information about the libraries affiliated with Baton Rouge Community College, then you need to read on!

1. Movie & Audio Collections

A movie collection at a library The libraries affiliated with this institution offer a lot more than just books and study space. In fact, some of their collections of movies and audio are so extensive, you’ll wonder if there’s more digital information in the library than print information.

2. IT Services

A 'Service' button on a keyboard Your computer acting up again? Still having troubling getting on the campus’s wifi? If so, then you need to consult the individuals who operate the IT desks at any of the libraries here; they’re great!

3. Accessibility

This is a wheelchair ramp Don’t panic if you’re someone who requires special assistance; your needs will be attended to when you visit any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Whether it’s an elevator or a ramp, these libraries are well equipped.

4. Extensive Collections

The interior of a library What is a library without books and references? Far from a library, that’s for sure. At all the libraries affiliated with this school, an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out whenever you want, are what you can expect.

5. Reliable Librarians

This is a librarian working One of the most important fixtures in any university library is its staff.  Students who attend this university can trust that there are experienced librarians and associates working every day. If you ever have a question, these should be the first people you consult.

6. Unisex Bathrooms

This is a public bathroom There are multiple unisex bathrooms and traditional bathrooms located in every one of the libraries on and around this university’s campus. Students of all genders are able to come here and confidently use the bathroom without fear or ridicule.

7. Google Scholar

A cap and diploma Are traditional resources and databases just not cutting it? Try Google Scholar. Most teachers assign scholarly readings in class, and they as well expect these to be referenced on most of your assignments. Google Scholar is a great place to get supplementary scholarly readings.

8. Google Maps Panel

This is a Google Maps logo If you want to view your house or apartment on a large projector, then you should use this panel (which is located on the second floor). The navigator is a little tricky to use, but you’ll get the hang of things quickly.

9. Open Computers

Open computers at a library Don’t own your own laptop? Then come to any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Students who are without their own personal computer never seem to have trouble finding space to work on a computer, even at peak library hours. There are MACs and PCs you can use.

10. Private Study Rooms

This is a private study room Do you anticipate needing a small study room for projects involving multiple team members? If so, then you will most likely be able to book one for whenever you want at any of the libraries on campus. These private study rooms can usually be booked for multiple hours, however there are circumstances where you can’t do this.

Libraries at Baton Rouge Community College

1. Main Library

This is outside the library This library’s expansive collections and offset study rooms are what make this building so popular. Students and faculty come here for a plurality of purposes each day, which means it’s likely you’ll see someone you know.

2. EBRPL Eden Park Branch Library

This is inside the library here The libraries at this school are first-rate, though this one in particular stands above the rest. If you’re someone who has been looking for a place to get bundles of work done, look no further: this is the library you need to come to!

3. EBRPL - Zachary Branch Library

A segment from inside this library If you’ve been looking for a great place to study with friends and peers, look no further: this is the place you want to go to. Research and studying can be done here in a quiet setting, which means you’ll always get a ton of work done when you come here.

4. EBRPL - Baker Branch Library

An image from inside the library here There’s no better place to study than this library. If you want a peaceful environment with nearby attendants ready to help you with whatever question you may have, you should come here.

5. Jones Creek Regional Branch Library

The library's interior Chances are you’re going to need a good amount of peace and quiet while you study for your degree, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at this library. In addition, all the librarians who work here are incredibly nice! With the information you now have from this list, you'll be able to confidently enter any of the libraries affiliated with this school and know exactly what to expect. Take advantage of such wonderful libraries while you go to school here!


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