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10 of the Hardest Courses at BRCC

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Miyelle Mason

Many college students want a bit of a challenge added on to their schedule while others opt out of this, taking easy classes and easy professors. However, college is here to challenge students to learn for a reason and go above and beyond their normal way of thinking and doing things. It allows them to really study the material and apply it to their everyday life. Below are some of the hardest courses that you will find at Baton Rouge Community College.

1. CHEM 1121 - Chemistry I Lab

A look at tools used in chemistry

This class will be very hands on. It will touch base on the fundamental tools and technologies that are used in everyday chemistry. Students will learn about the field of chemistry, how to mix chemicals, chemical reactions, and how these fundamentals are applied into everyday life. This class may be difficult for students who have a hard time grasping different concepts.

2. BUSN 2103 - Business Law

A look at people talking about business relations

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Well first, you need to establish yourself and get to know the law before doing so. There a number of policies. This class is very test and lecture heavy as it contains a lot of material that is covered throughout the semester that relate to the practices and legal principles of business law.

3. ANTH 2013 - Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology

A representation of the field of anthropology

In this class, students will learn about different cultural differences around the world. This includes learning about social structures among different communities, religion, politics, law, the economy, and subsistence patterns. Students will also examine the nature of culture around the world as well. This class is difficult for those who are not good at test as it is very test heavy.

4. ACCT 2213 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting

A look at account management

This class will give students an overview on the principles of management and accounting. Students will learn about internal and external accounting, how decisions are made, and how to gather data. This class will be based straight from the book and lectures so be sure to study hard when in doubt and be prepared for the next go around of class!

5. ARTS 2313 - Introduction to Graphic Design

A look at a graphic of graphic design

In this class, students will learn more about graphic design. Students will have a chance to study different methods and materials that are used in group studios, web design software, typography, and general designing features. This class requires students with discipline to really think outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be original with their ideas.

6. MATH 2084 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Different tools used in the field of statistics

This class will teach students about the fundamentals and principles of statistics. Students will also learn more about different interval estimates and proportions. This class is a lot to take in as it has a lot of equations and concepts in which students have to learn as well. This class will also learn more about how to apply these concepts in their everyday life.

7. FINA 1503 - Introduction to Financial Management

The word finance spelled out

This class will teach students about the principle foundational tools of finance. Students will learn more about borrowing loans, saving money, budgeting their personal finances, and organizing as well. Students will also examine capital structure and financial planning. This class is very hands on and challenges students to create their own plans as well.

8. ECON 2213 - Principles of Macroeconomics

A balance of money on a scale

This class will discuss the principles of macro-economics. Students will also learn more about the income, employment, and business cycles of economies as well. Students will also learn more about the growth of banking in economy. This class will challenge students to learn more about the economy that affects them on a daily basis.

9. CJUS 2613 - Court Systems and Practices

The different areas of the court system

This class will introduce students to roles and structures of court systems and practices. Students will also learn more about basic elements of substantive and procedural law. Students will also learn more about principles as well that will challenge them to apply terms used into their lives as well.

10. CNET 2503 - PC and Network Security

Different tools used in cyber security

This class will introduce students to basic computers and network security skills as well. Students will learn more about how to protect themselves on the internet and how to stay away from threats via the internet as well. Students will learn more about protocols and designs as well. This class is difficult for students who aren't familiar with network security.


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