Finals week 2013 by uberbunbun d6yaoe8

Finals are approaching and ready or not, here they come. Finals week is exhausting and stressful and there is no  way to totally avoid this but there are ways to lessen the stress and strain that this week comes with. Here is how to study and succeed in finals at Baylor University.

1. Start studying now.

Yes, right not! If you start studying now, little by little, then by the time that finals reaches, you will already be ready for them. The best way to do this is to start with the first lectures or chapters of each class and designate a certain amount of time, say 30 minutes, to the class a few nights out of the week. This will keep you from binge studying and actually help you learn better.

2. Go buy note cards, more than you think you’ll need.

Some people are die hard note card believers and some prefer to study without them. Either way, they are proven to aid in studying and memorization and will come in handy when it’s time to show what you know on that final!

3. Find a hidden study spot.

During finals week people will bring sleeping bags to Moody… and stay there all week. It is vital to find a hidden study spot before the mayhem kicks in and Moody is not the place to be! Some of these study spots may be a Starbucks a few minutes off campus or even a store with free wifi.

4. Get organized.

Organize notes based off their importance first, and determine whether they will be included in the final. Once that is done, determine which notes are the least known or remembered and place those on top to be sure they are studied to most.

5. Find you-time.

Being overwhelmed and stressed can cause memory impairment and lead to disaster. Taking even five minutes every morning or night can give your mind a few minutes to reset and prepare for what comes next. So, find a cool video, a book, or even a meditation time and enjoy it for a bit.

6. Stay on top of it.

Do not procrastinate. Getting started now and preparing now will ensure success for finals. It may seem as though there is time to waste between now and finals, but in reality there is not.

Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and start preparing for finals now! They don’t have to be as scary as they are made out to be and can run smoothly if you start putting the time in now! Take a deep breath Bears!


Holli Crawford

I am a sophomore Health Science Studies pre-Physical Therapy major at Baylor University!

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