Baylor University is known to be a difficult university with intense classes and few hours of sleep. From freshman year to senior year, there are classes which test the limits of students and stretch them to the breaking point. Which classes rack in as the hardest of them all though?

1. BIO 1305 – Mod Concepts Bioscience 

This class is known as the “freshman pre-med weed out class.” The name holds true. This is the class that helps students decide whether the track that they are on is really for them. Though this class is rough and gritty, it will prepare students for the classes to come.

2. PSY 1305 – Introductory Psychology

This is another class known to be a “weed out” class but many non-majors are required to take it. Due to its material and concepts, it makes the list of most difficult classes at Baylor. You cannot memorize for these tests, they are highly application based and take quite a bit of time to master.

3. FIN 3309 – Introduction to Finance

This class’s weight may be lessened by a very good teacher but no matter what, it is difficult. Due to its lack of application to the average day, it is difficult to learn and determine when concepts should be used.

4. ACC 3301 and ACC 3302- Financial Accounting

Also known as the pre-med of business, accounting can test a students’ limits. Already a difficult field, Baylor intensifies this to create the best class of accountants. This class takes a great amount of time to work with and master. It takes even longer to learn how to apply the concepts to situations given in class and on the exams.

5. CHE 3331- Organic Chemistry I

This class will take what a student has learned on paper and apply it to little plastic structures which must be visualized in the head while also calculating various numbers.

6. BIO 3425 – General Human Anatomy HNR

Advanced human anatomy is a world of its own. The mass amount of definitions and memorization that goes into this class is insane. This class is best taken on its own over a summer or with a very light schedule.

7. EGR 4375 – Engineering

Engineering is complex enough, but this class decides to combine engineering with nuclear reactions and apply it to areas such as medicine and agriculture.

8. PHY 1420 – General Physics I HNR

This physics is calculus based and of course, everyone loves calculus so how could this class be bad? Though interesting and highly applicable, there is a ton of information and knowledge that must go into this class and quite a bit of material which the student must be responsible for.

9. SPA 2321 – Interm Spa for Medical Prof

Spanish at Baylor University is known to be difficult but this is an even higher level. This spanish class focuses on practical uses in medicine and speaking fluently in medical terms, which even native speakers may struggle with.

10.  PSY 3321 – Abnormal Psychology

In case PSY 1305 wasn’t hard enough, there is this class. This class is only taught by one professor and is incredibly interesting but will take a great deal of time and energy to master. It involves many concepts that I student has probably never thought of and so the exposure can be stressful.

These have been found to be the most difficult classes at Baylor University. Though they are difficult, many of these are quite interesting and useful for future career options. With a lot of work these classes can be mastered and students can succeed.



Holli Crawford

I am a sophomore Health Science Studies pre-Physical Therapy major at Baylor University!

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