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5 Reasons to be a Nursing Major at Baylor U

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Maggie Grant
When entering college, choosing a major can be a daunting task. Let's face it, it's your future! These are not decisions to make lightly. That is why when coming to Baylor University, becoming a Nursing major is such an amazing choice. With all the stress and hardships of college, this is the perfect major for someone who wants to be challenged, but also enjoy the whole college experience. Here are 5 reasons why this major is right for you!Image result for baylor nursing

1. Classes

As a Nursing student at Baylor, your core classes in your first two years in Waco are pretty standard pre-requisites. Pre-med majors have to go through the extensive stress and lots of years of school only to be in debt, while nursing majors get to take some hard classes as well as interesting ones and be out of school in 4 years, making good money. Anatomy and Physiology will probably be your hardest course while at Baylor, but there are lots of resources to help get you through it. Taking courses such as Sociology, Psychology and The Art of Nursing will really be more fun than stressful. Everyone will be wishing they were a nursing major.Image result for classes

2. The Professors

As a Nursing major, you will be introduced to an amazing group of professors. The director of Nursing Admissions, Cene Linares, is also the Art of Nursing professor and she is your go-to girl on campus. Any questions or concerns you have, she will be the answer to your prayers. Besides her, there are many professors you will have to take such as Mark A. Taylor and Dr. de Mesa that are such amazing people that really get to know the Nursing students while they are in Waco. Use them to your advantage, they are here to help so make sure you go to office hours and stay after class just to discuss the class or even your path through nursing, they are kind and compassionate people.Image result for baylor cene linares

3. The People

As a Nursing Major, you will be closely knit with your group of fellow Nursing Majors, these will be your people. At Baylor, with classes such as Bio 2401, you will need study groups and friends to rant about the class to and they are going to be those friends. As you become close the first two years of college, you will then be able to move to Dallas to the Nursing School and have great study friends to share an apartment with and ride to school. The Nursing School is only a little over 100 students so you can get to know most of the people on campus which is really fun. In Waco, when a group of friends wants to go out Sunday night, you'll have to stay behind, because you have a huge test the next day. But in Dallas, you won't have to worry about that because everyone else will be having the same test the next day with you. All in all, it's a great group of people to be close with.Image result for baylor nursing

4. Change of Scenery

When starting college, everything is new and fun, including exploring  this new city in which you've decided to call home. However, what most students don't tell you is after a couple of semesters, their old college town they once loved starts to become mundane and boring. You get to enjoy the small town of Waco and all its gems for two years before leaving and having another exciting move to the big city, where there are endless possibilities to explore. The Nursing Campus was just recently renovated and is super nice and new and there are so many places around the city to check out while everyone in Waco is headed to Austin or even Dallas to find something fun to do!

5. Life After Graduation

Many majors at Baylor have to continue their education or repeatedly look for a startup job once they finally receive their Bachelor's degree. But as a Baylor Nursing student, 95% of students walk across the stage at graduation knowing they will be starting a job at a good paying hospital. The other five percent are usually students who are too fixated on a certain nursing specialty that usually new nurses won't be able to find right away. As a nurse, you will make a great beginning salary and not have to worry about paying off your education or any bills you owe. The amount of job security that Nursing brings is amazing, and a great career to pursue.Image result for baylor nursing graduation

All in all, becoming a nursing major at Baylor University is a smart choice. While other schools require you to receive your Bachelor's and then apply to nursing school, Baylor is able to get you in and out in 4 years and ready to begin your career. And if you ever want to go back and further your education in order to become a Nurse Practitioner instead of an RN, Baylor has already set up and amazing Master and Ph.D. program to help you receive the education you need to further yourself in your amazing career. Become a Baylor Bear and join the Nursing program!!

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