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Baylor University is a well-known school for higher education for many obvious, good reasons, such as it being a Nationally-Ranked Research University, and its athletics being in the competitive Big 12 Conference. But, those reasons are just the beginning. Any Baylor student, undergraduate or graduate, can tell you many more reasons why this school in the heart of Texas is the place to be.

1. The Traditions

All colleges have their own traditions to some degree or another, but Baylor strikingly stands out from all the rest for having an especially strong line of unique experiences that students and alumni can cherish and pass along to other future Bears. Whether it be the Freshman Line, tortilla tossing to ring in the new school year, the biggest Homecoming Parade of any university in the world, or Christmas on 5th, everyone who attends Baylor can attest to the magic of its traditions.


2. The Location

Baylor is located right in the heart of Texas in the city of Waco. Waco in itself is an awesome place to be for those who wish to have a unique small-town experience where they can dabble in everything the cute town has to offer, like the Dr. Pepper Museum, Cameron Park, and the Magnolia Silos, while still being only a car ride away from Texas’ major booming cities like Dallas and Austin. The location is a win-win situation all around.


3. The “Southern Charm”

Southern Hospitality is real, people. If you are not originally from the South and you attend Baylor University, you will be stunned by how extraordinarily friendly people are down here in Texas, specifically at Baylor. There have been a multitude of testimonies of students who made their decision to choose Baylor based off of this point alone. Many other schools can come close in other areas, but this quality of kindness and warmth that comprise the Southern atmosphere makes Baylor an incomparable standout and a winner for many students.


4. The Campus

Baylor boasts a beautiful campus that you have to see to believe. It has received much accolade for it and recognition on many lists of the top 100 most beautiful U.S. college campuses and subjects of that nature. Jaw-dropping buildings like Pat Neff Hall, topped with a glorious golden dome, and the Old Main building, adorned with Victorian steeples and hidden courtyards, along with its vast expansive green pastures and colorful flowerbeds are what make this such a wonderful physical environment.


5. The Education

This point is a given, but it is necessary to point it out because Baylor truly does have something for everyone. No matter what field of study, whether you are looking to pursue an excellent liberal arts education, an outstanding family and consumer sciences degree, or the infamous hardcore pre-med route or any other pre-professional track, you are guaranteed a place to thrive in Baylor.


There are so many reasons to attend Baylor University. Hopefully this list has helped anyone still making their college decision decide whether or not Baylor is right for them. And, if you are a current Baylor student reading this, can you think of anymore reasons why being a Baylor Bear is the best thing you can be?




Emma Grubb

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