If you are an Interior Design major at Baylor University, congratulations, you are a part of an awesome program that will take you as far as you’re willing to go! There are a few things you should know though before you begin your journey to success. These are some facts that are good to know beforehand but that every Interior Design student finds out sooner or later…

1. It’s expensive.

When you sign up for Interior Design courses, you should know that you are signing up for some serious financial investments as well. Not only will you have to pay for textbooks like every other college student does, you will also have to purchase a lot of design and architecture-related tools and equipment. These supplies are fascinating and definitely worth it, but nonetheless, they won’t usually be cheap. Don’t panic though, if you shop carefully and do your research, you will be less overwhelmed by the total cost of it all.

2. It’s a LOT of work.

Another thing you sign up for when you sign up for your ID classes is a giant workload. You will have countless nights where you get no sleep because you have to do a project, draw a floor plan, literally design a house, and God knows what else. It will be difficult but the good news is, if this is really what you love to do and want to do for the rest of your life, none of this work will be unpleasant for you and you will probably end up enjoying most or all of it.  Just make sure to do what you need to do to stay sharp and get it all done.

3. Non-interior design students will not understand.

Get your ears ready for all the ignorance coming their way. You will encounter many people who will not understand your major and will think of it as “cute” or a “fun major”. There is a blatantly incorrect equivocation between interior design and interior decorating that exists in most people’s minds, so be ready to explain to people that no, you are not learning how to fluff pillows and make rooms look pretty. At Baylor especially there are a lot of misconceptions about the major and career because of the domination of science, specifically medicine, among students’ paths here. Interior design is a small major here and because of this fact it is often misunderstood. The good news is because of how often you will encounter this naïveté, you will quickly develop a script already prepared in your head of what to say to people to explain to them the legitimacy and rigor of your major.

4. You will make lifelong friends.

Because of how small the major is at Baylor, you become very close with the people (primarily girls) in your classes. These girls will become some of your closest girlfriends for college and beyond because you will spend so much time with them all four years, whether it be sitting together in class, pouring all your blood, sweat and tears together into an assignment, pulling all-nighters together in the Interior Design building, clapping for each other’s portfolio presentations, and the list goes on. They will become your support group on your path to achieving your dreams.

Hopefully this list has shed some light on what it is like to be an Interior Design student in college specifically at Baylor. Its ups far outweigh its downs and if you get your interior design education and eventually certification here, you will be fully equipped by some of the finest professors and interior designers out there to go out into the world and make a name for yourself. Enjoy the process, camaraderie, challenges, and creativity along the way.


Emma Grubb

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