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10 Coolest Courses at Bemidji State University

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Santosha Veera

Bemidji State University is located in the city of Bemidji, Minnesota. A public state university founded in 1919, Bemidji offers many diverse classes and courses of study. Students can study anything from Accounting to Sport Management, and also take specialty classes and electives that pique their interest! For BSU students looking for a new challenge, a unique course, or a fun hobby to pick up, here are ten of the coolest courses at Bemidji State University!

1. CHEM 2130 - Chemistry of Drugs

Line angle structures of illegal drugs.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the ibuprofen you take when you have a headache? Although the little white pills in our medicine cabinets may seem small and inconsequential, generations and centuries of chemists have worked together to create both the marvels of modern medicine and the most harmful and addictive illegal substances. In Chem 2130, students will learn about the pharmacology of common drugs and toxic substances, including their effects on the body.

2. CHEM 2210 - Criminalistics

recognition, documentation, collection, and preservation of the crime scene

Often times in forensic cases, detectives and law enforcement agents turn to labs scientists to offer vital pieces to the puzzle of whodunnit. From fingerprint analysis to identifying hairs, fibers, and shoeprints, hard science takes a front seat when it comes to catching criminals. In CHEM 2210, students will learn about the theory and practice of analyzing physical evidence. Additionally, Criminalistics Lab allows students to put these tools to practice.

3. MUS 1120 - Intro to Folk, Jazz, and Rock Music

A small group of folk musicians from Illinois.

If you already spend your evenings lying on your bed with a pair of headphones listening to the greatest tunes, this class is perfect for you! Folk, Jazz, and Rock are all diverse and yet interconnected types of music that have had a great influence on American culture. In MUS 1120, students will listen to lectures, read primary sources, and listen to unique pieces of music from American history to truly understand the impact that these musical genres have had on American history.

4. ANTH 1100 - Becoming Human: Tracing Our Origins

Reconstruction of early homo sapiens species (humans).

Before the modern metropolises, global societies, and interconnected systems of cities, states, and countries, humans were just another animal living in small nomadic groups. It makes many people wonder - how exactly did we get here? In ANTH 1100, students will get an introductory course to the study of humans (anthropology), and will understand both the biological evolution of homosapiens from primates, as well as the cultural evolution of human society.

5. GEOL 2740 - Introduction to Planetary Science

An artist's interpretation of the solar system

For those who want to answer the big questions - about life, the universe, and everything - this is the class for you! While it doesn't necessarily delve into all of the above, GEOL 2740 is a great starter for students who are interested in outer space and the Earth as a planet in a larger system. Students will learn about the solar system and its planets, satellites, meteors, magnetic fields, and even space exploration.

6. GEOL 3500 - Topics in Paleontology

Fossilized bones of an ancient organism.

For all the students who would definitely go to Jurassic Park if it was real (and have to sadly live with the fact that is isn't real...yet), GEOL 3500 is the closest you can get to living the dream. In this class, students will learn about the major groups of commonly fossilized organisms, from plants, small animals, sea creatures, microorganisms, and yes...dinosaurs.

7. PHIL 2200 - Ethics

business man with devil and angel on shoulder

What's morally right and wrong? Why do certain cultures draw the line in different places? Is there a universal truth? Students can explore big questions like these in PHIL 2200 - a study of morality and ethics. From common ethical dilemmas like the Trolley Problem to more contemporary political issues, like abortion, may all be discussed. For those willing to go into it open-minded and ready to learn, PHIL 2200 can be a great introduction to philosophy.

8. PSY 1010 - Stress and Coping

Stressed student surrounded by books and papers

Let's face it - college is stressful. From constant tests and exams, to high-stakes projects and papers, to simply trying to... adult. It's no wonder that rates of depression and anxiety in college students are higher than ever, and that many people feel lost or overwhelmed. In PSY 1010, students can learn strategies for stress management with respect to both academic challenges and lifestyle changes. From study skills to problems in relationships, this class covers it all.

9. POLI 1300 - Intro to International Relations

The logo for the United Nations.

When you turn on the news, half of the time it's hard to keep up! From trade wars to embargos, treaties to wars, international politics to the average citizen can seem overwhelming. In POLI 1300, students will learn about nation-states and their behaviors, both historically and from a contemporary standpoint. They will also explore how international organizations like the United Nations and World Trade Organization came to be, and their relevance to global politics today.

10. HST 2218 - Medieval Europe

An artistic interpretation of a castle siege by invading knights.

Knights and castles, kings and their vast armies, dragons and dark magic (okay, maybe not those last two) - the new season of Game of Thrones or your history class? If you take HST 2218, the answer could be both! In this unique course, students will learn about the period of history in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire to the Black Death epidemic. From the rise of the Catholic Church to the bloody Crusades, this fascinating class is sure to keep you on the edge of your lecture seat!


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