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10 Hardest Courses at Bentley University

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Katelyn Heuer

Is course registration coming up and you're not sure what classes you want to take yet? You've come to the right place! It can be overwhelming to pick classes when you don't know what to look for in them. If you're looking for some challenging classes at Bentley University, keep reading!

1. MLCH101 - Elementary Chinese I

some Chinese text

Although this course is meant for students who don't know any Chinese, it's still hard. Most Americans struggle to learn Chinese because of its complex characters and different sounds. Students will focus on practicing words and sentences and basic grammar.

2. CS230 - Introduction to Programming with Python

some computer science code

Like the above course, this programming class is for students with no prior programming experience. Students will be introduced to the basics of Python and will use these new ideas to write well-structured code. Although this is a beginner level, people new to coding may struggle with this.

3. MA235 - Differential Equations

a student looking confused with math equations in the background

If you're not sure exactly what differential equations are, you're not alone. The course focuses mainly on first order differential equations, second order linear equations with constant coefficients, and first order linear systems. In order to better understand about these topics, students will learn about the formulation of equations, analytical and graphical solution tecnhiques, and interpreting solutions.

4. LA104 - Gender and the Law

a gavel and some books in the background

This course is particularly difficult because of the political topics that it covers. Students will learn in depth about the history of the social evolution of gender issues and how it impacts the world we live in. In addition, students will learn about the different ways that the law can help promote or stop this evolution.

5. EC111 - Principles of Microeconomics

a stock graph

Microeconomics is a category of economics that people find particularly challenging. Students will get a basic understanding of different economic principles and tools. Specific topics include demand, supply, market equilibrium, cost of production, and resource pricing.

6. CS440 - Advanced Net-Centric Computing

a graph depicting net-central networks

This class allows students to learn about planning, design, implementation, and operation of organizational information technology infrastructures. This includes network and transport layer protocols as well as the related addressing and routing issues that come with it. However, this class is good for gaining some basic knowledge of networks, IT systems, and management.

7. AC475- Information Technology and Auditing Principles and Practice

a magnifying glass in front of a file, depicting auditing

IT and auditing are two things that the typical college student doesn't know much about. Students who take this class will be introduced to the three most typical aspects of information technology audits (audits of computerized information systems, computer facilities, and developing/implementing information systems). Students will do those through readings, case studies, exercises, and discussions.

8. MA131 - Calculus I

math board

Students at all colleges tend to struggle with calculus. In this course, students will learn about differential calculus using their previous knowledge of algebra and trigonometry. Specific topics taught in this course include limits, continuity, implicit differentiation, sketching curves, optimization and more.

9. MA139 - Calculus II

a student doing math on a chalk board

If you struggled in Calculus I, you're likely to struggle in Calculus II. This course picks up where Calculus I ended, although it focuses largely on integrals. Specific topics include indefinite integrals, definite integrals, integrals by substitution, and differential equations.

10. LA105 - Race and the Law

lawyers in a court room

This class focuses on examining the role law has in maintaining the way racial minorities are treated and how the law is used as a tool in changing racial discrimination. It views the law in two very different perspectives-- as an oppressor and as an effort to liberate and empower minorities. To further the analysis, students will take gender into account and look at problems unique to females who are of minority.

Getting informed is the first step to finding what classes are right for you. Without knowing the full information, it can be easy to accidentally pick a class that's too challenging for you. Or, if you like a challenge, now you know what classes to take!


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