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5 Reasons to Take CDI 101 at Bentley University

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Kayla Vincent
Bentley University is well known for their fabulous career services department and all the resources implemented for students to take advantage of. One of the resources created by the career services department is called the Career Development Introduction. This course is offered for freshman in their spring semester. This course goes over amazing resources and ways to prepare yourself for the job market and make yourself a stand out candidate when applying for your dream job. These are the top five reasons to take CDI 101.

1. Discover your strengths.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for an interview is knowing your strengths and how that will help the company your applying to work at. Knowing your strengths and being able to articulate them is crucial. Even if you think organization is not too important, companies look for candidates that have strong skills, and experiences or reasons of how you gained them. These are great to mention during an interview.  

2. Create a resume.

Establishing a resume is a crucial part of preparing yourself to enter the workforce. The course gives you various templates to use. In addition, professors give helpful tips on what should and should not be included on your resume, and how to make you stand out amongst a large pool of applicants. Image result for resume gif  

3. Learn how to write a proper cover letter.

One of the most useful parts of the course is writing a mock cover letter for a job application that interests you. For each job that you apply to, a cover letter must be tailored to the job description. Again, the teacher will give helpful tips on how to establish a strong cover letter, inform you of what should be included, and the proper etiquette expected. Related image  

4. Update and strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people internationally. The website (or app) is used as an online resume and a great way to find jobs. The best way to keep in touch with people after networking is to connect with them on LinkedIn. Building your network and adding connections will help you find jobs and opportunities down the road. During the course, you will gain helpful tips on how to strengthen your profile and what information should and should not be included. Image result for linkedin  

5. Find the best internships and jobs.

The goal of going to college and obtaining a degree is to finish and find your dream job. In today’s world, this becomes very difficult and competitive. The teachers in CDI make sure you are equipped with the resources and skills you need to apply for your dream internships and jobs. In addition, Bentley has its own website that students can use to find and apply for jobs. Learning how to use this tool is extremely helpful and will make a difference in getting a competitive job in the future. Image result for jobs   It is never too early to start searching and applying for jobs as a college student. By taking CDI 101, students can learn and prepare all the resources and items they will need to be a stand-out candidate in the job market.


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