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Top 10 Residences at Bethany College

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S Jeng
Bethany College is located in West Virginia . It is an amazing college that offers a lot of cool educational and social experiences. It is a private  liberal arts college. The community at this school is amazing, and all the people that go here are amazing both academically and out of the classroom. If you are interested in attending this university, here are 10 of the top places to live on and off campus.

On Campus Housing

1. New Residence Hall

Picture of the outside of the dorm hall Address: 335 East Swensson Street New Hall is a great place to live on campus. It's co-ed and separated by halls. You can choose to live in a single, double, or triple. Each room has private bathrooms. It has keyless entry, so it's very secure.

2. Anne Marm Hall

Outside of Anne Marm Hall Address: 335 East Swensson Street This is a dorm where only females can live. The community is very close knit. The rooms are divided into suite styles. Each room has a sleeping area and then two lounge areas.

3. Gregory Hall

Outside of Gregory Hall Address: 335 East Swensson Street Gregory Hall is a great place to live at on campus. It's a co-ed dorm, and it's separated by halls. The rooms are suite-styles and each have a  double. The bathrooms are private for each suite, and they all even have bathtubs!

4. Swede Suites

An iamge of the exterior of Swede suites Address: 335 East Swensson Street

5. Warner Hall

Picture of Warner hall Address:335 East Swensson Street Warner Hall is a great place to live on campus. This dorm hall is only males. It is suite style with double bedrooms. Each room is separated with its own bathroom.

Off Campus

1.Campbell Village

Image of an apartment complex Address: 1 Main St, Bethany, WV 26032 This is a great apartment complex to live in. It's not too far from campus, and there are a lot of unique places to study. They offer single and double rooms.

2. Culler

image of culler apartment complex Address: 312 Culler Rd This is a great apartment complex. It offers single rooms and is super affordable to live at. The complex is clean and has many amenities.

3. Locust

image of a living area Address: 561 Locust St This is another place to live off campus. It's a two bedroom apartment and has all furnishings. It's a little farther off campus, but it's a very peaceful and secluded area.

4. Ritchie

image of a living room Address: 259 Ritchie Ave This is another great apartment complex to live on off campus. It offers two bedrooms and one bathroom apartments. It's very clean and very secluded. It offers a peaceful area to focus on school work.

5. Mildren

image of an apartment room Address: 300 Mildren Ave This is a great place to live. It's a little further off campus, but it's great for a quiet, peaceful environment. It offers one bedroom apartments. Bethany College is a great place to go to! It has a lot of cool opportunities for students as well as very cool living areas pretty close to campus. The type of community this school has is very unique, and anyone would be lucky to attend this university!

Here is your move in packing list at Fordham University

1) Room Basics

A pink pillow on a brown couch

– Blankets – Pillows – Comforter – Door Mirror – Shower Caddy – Hangers – Slippers

2) Food and Snacks

A bowl of pretzels – Juice boxes – Granola bars – Bottled waters – Instant mac and cheese – Instant ramen – Poptarts – Dried Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

– Charger – Headphones – TV – Speakers – Printer

4) School SuppliesAn image of a green box of pencils

– Planner – Notebooks – Different colored pens – #2 Pencils – Backpack – Empty binder – Stapler

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

A broomstick – Clorax wipes – Under bed organizer – Drawer organizer – 3 tiered shelving unit – Dresser – Kleenex – Paper towel

6) Campus Gears

A blue bike – Bike – Bike lock – Lunch box – Keychain – Travel water bottle – Hand lotion – Hand sanitizer

7) Items you should ask first before bringing 

A golden toaster – Wifi router/ motem – Candles – Toasters – Hot Plate – Iron – Ironing Board


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