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Top 10 Library Resources at Bethany College You Need to Know

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James Lovett
The college is a private, liberal arts institution located in Bethany, West Virginia. While at the institution, Bethany College students can visit the libraries often to conduct extensive research. There plenty of resources that are found there as discussed below.

1. Video Tutorials

Amazing video lessons from video tutorials Videography and motion graphics are good methods of facilitating faster learning amongst Bethany students. As a student in that institution, it is prudent to take advantage of amazing video lessons on various topics found at the library.

2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan facility aids students Whenever you are certain that the material you are looking for is not in one of the Bethany libraries, you can go ahead and initiate an Interlibrary Loan request. As such, interlibrary loan facility can not be ignored.

3. e-Books

Reading ebooks using an electronic gadget It is possible to get ebooks in pdf format for research at the libraries. The ebooks will cover a wide range of subjects, including political science, industry, physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

4. eJournals

Academic ejournals are useful in research Students can obtain case studies and surveys of different kinds of researchers from various academic ejournals. Through any electronic gadget, you access various kinds of ejournals at the libraries' website.

5. Course Reserves

Course reserves are enjoyable to utilize Students can get topic guidance and helpful tips from the available course reserves. Instructors usually put various academic materials on reserve in the library for students to access.

6. Books

Books are the major research materials The libraries are enriched with diverse kinds of books that support student learning. Those books cover current topics extensively giving opposing viewpoints.

7. Nonfiction DVDs

Non-fictional DVDs at the library shelf You can find non-fictional, and various other kinds of documentaries in DVDs found at the library. Some of these are particularly useful in linguistics and world religion.

8. Movies

Movie reviews found in the library There also a substantial amount of new movies and movie reviews at the library. Such kinds of visual materials contain additional information that can supplement the normal research work.

9. Articles

Peer-reviewed journals are useful Articles from peer-reviewed journals and scholarly publications are useful in many research undertakings. Students can, therefore, get an in-depth knowledge of a particular topic whenever they visit a library.

10. Audiobooks

Liten to a book instead of reading There are a couple of students who prefer studying using audio books instead of reading books. Bethany college libraries have a couple of audiobooks that you can listen into and enjoy. This is especially beneficial to nonreaders or struggling readers and learning-disabled students.

Top 2 Libraries at Bethany College

1. Bethany College Wallerstedt Library

The Wallerstedt Learning Center Library The Learning Center aims to give various information resources and services to help in the education of various students. The Wallerstedt Learning Center Library provides a vast array of and information, and services. Some examples include a variety of databases, an online catalog, an enormous academic research resources. It also entails collections from special libraries, about curriculum, Swedish literature and children’s literature.

2. T.W. Phillips Memorial Library

Outside T.W. Phillips Memorial Library The library is situated on the Bethany College campus in West Virginia. Since it is the hub of academic information for the campus, the facility has over 300,000 local materials like books, journal articles, audiovisuals, archival materials, and other resources. Students can also subscribe to online databases such as Britannica Online, JSTOR, ProQuest Direct, and Lexis-Nexis Universe.


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