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10 Coolest Courses at Bethany College

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Jennie Bachman

Located in the foothills of northern West Virginia, Bethany College is a private liberal arts college offering a conducive learning environment and support system for its students. The college offers 35 areas of study in a classical liberal arts curriculum. Among the many courses offered at the institution, here is a list of some of the coolest courses.

1. COMM 194 - Online Radio

A poster written Online Radio with a headphone set on a globe

This course equips students with concepts, skills, and strategies required for working within the online radio. Students are introduced to on-air music, production, and delivery of news programs and messages on radio. The course has practice sessions where students will practice and perfect their skills.

2. MUSI 110 - Digital Audio Production for Music

Equipment in a music production studio

This course provides students with hands-on experience in using a digital audio workstation for music production. Students learn the various techniques and methods used for producing music. Students will use the production equipment available at the institution to practice and polish their skills.

3. THEA 153 - Makeup Design

An image of a woman's face with makeup

If you love makeup, then this course is recommended for you. The course teaches the theoretical and practical concepts and techniques related to makeup application. Students will be required to practice the various makeup application methods and techniques before the end of the course.

4. VISA 203 - Three-Dimensional Design

A sculptural art piece

This visual arts course introduces the theory and practice of various media through sculptural forms. Students in the course will learn various techniques and interact with different materials as they explore and design sculptures. The course seeks to also increase the creativity of students when it comes to design creation.

5. FINA 135 - Ballet

A ballet dancer performing on stage

If you like dancing, this course is recommended for you. Students in the course will learn the specific techniques related to ballet dancing. Students will be required to practice the art of ballet dancing throughout the course in order to polish their skills. This course is recommended for students that have not had any past exposures to ballet dancing.

6. RELS 210 - Yoga and Meditation

A lady practicing Yoga on a dock near the lake

Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn the philosophy, history, and techniques of various styles of yoga. Students will be introduced to the postures, chants, breath work, meditation techniques, and religious and philosophical scriptures related to yoga. Students will also be expected to engage in yoga sessions.

7. PHED 175 - Introduction to Teaching Physical Activities

Children playing soccer on a field

This course focuses on the factors that relate to the teaching of physical activities. The coursework in the course majors on the relationship between the teaching and learning environment. The course also involves field placement sessions where students will engage in physical activities themselves.

8. HIST 202 - U.S. History II

A poster written US History on top of capital hill picture

If you like history, then this course is meant for you. This course discusses the economic, political, and social growth of America from 1865 to the present times. Students will read and research on very interesting historical writings in order to understand specific facts about America.

9. FREN 110 - French Language & Cultures I

A poster written in French "learning french" on top of France flag

This is the first course among three others that teach the French language. In this course, students are taught the basics of speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the French language. Students will in the course engage in debates and public speaking in French to improve their French-speaking abilities.

10. ENGL 240 - Creative Writing

A poster written Creative Writing

This is an intensive course in imaginative writing. Students will engage in sketch, short fiction, poem, and dramatic scene writing throughout the course as part of their practice in creative writing. This course is recommended for students that are passionate about creative writing.


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