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10 Easiest Classes at Bethel

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Gyana Cezanne
31 May 2018
5 min read
Bethel University is a Christian college that offers tons of classes for its students. While some of the classes are hard there are still countless of easy class that they offer. Some of the easiest class they offer are these:

1. ARH 221: Art of the United States

Students will look on painting, sculptures and architecture of the United States. The class will show the United States art that are influenced by European. The class will be an easy A for students who likes to analyze and have interest in art.Art Installation at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California

2. BUS 212: Personal Finance

The class will be easy and useful for students. They will learn to management their personal finance and so is their family. Some of the things that students will learn are budgeting and making investments.Personal finance plan written on a napkin

3. BUS 324: Consumer Behavior

This class will be useful for business minded students and business majors. It will be an easy class for them too. The class will teach its student the psychological behavior of consumers and how to make them buy goods from business establishments.Consumer which product is better to buy

4. COM110:  Basic Communication

It is a speech class where students will study formal and informal communication and how to better communicate individually and giving presentations in front of a crowd. The class will be easy as long students will do their speech and participate in class.Process of basic communication from the speaker to the receiver

5.  COM 220: Group Communication

This will be an easier class compared to COM 110 because presentations in front of the class will be done in groups. Students will spends their time with group and interact with one another. This will help the students to gain group management and teamwork skill at the end of the course.A group of professional listening to someone sharing his thoughts

6. EDU 275: Kindergarten Education

The class will be useful and easy for students who wants to be a teacher. Students will learn characteristics and behaviors of kindergarten students and appropriate curriculum and strategies used for effective teaching.A kindergarten teacher reading a story for kindergarten students while showing them images from the story book

7. ENL 111: American Life Stories

Students will analyze autobiography of Americans. Some of the things that students will learn from this class is how an individual American write their autobiography. After analyzing American autobiography students will be ask to reflect on American. The class will be easy as long as students will throughly read the biographies.An autobiography from 9/11 written by Megan Brown

8. ENS 104: Environment and Humanity

The class will allow students to be aware about the relationship of humans with their environment. Other things that students will learn are causes and solutions of environmental problems such as water and air pollution.A usual symbol of human being caring for the environment

9. FRE 101: Introduction French I

The class will teach its students the basics of French language. This will allow student to communicate in French using their basic knowledge that they will learn from taking this class. The class will be easy since the language is similar to Spanish.Bonjour means hello or good morning in french

10. HAS 263: Coaching of Basketball

The class will teach its students rules, skills, strategy and techniques in coaching basketball. The class is mostly recommended for students who have a coaching minor. The class is easy because most students have the basic knowledge of basketball.Erik Spoelstra the coach of Miami Heat basketball teamThese classes are mostly three units and will greatly affect the students GPA so taking these easy class seriously is needed. These classes gives the students the chance to keep their GPA up and of course only take classes that is helpful for your major.


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