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Whether you’re taking this class to fulfill your gen-ed requirements, or you’re taking it because you’re a Psych major, PSYC 228 can teach you a lot about the psychology behind social situations! Here are some tips to make sure you do well in the class.

1. Show up to as many classes as possible, there’s usually extra credit involved.

Showing up even though it was an early morning class was usually worth it. Those who showed up were often given extra credit points just for showing up or writing down an answer to a simple question on a piece of paper. The extra credit really helped everyone’s test scores and gave me an incentive to come to class.


2. Pay attention to the study guides on Blackboard.

The professor put up a study guide for every test and they were super helpful. Everything listed on the guide was on the test, and most of it was found in the PowerPoints she used, and everything else was in the textbook.

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3. Study for the tests- they’re your entire grade.

There are 4 tests (including the final) in the semester. They are fairly spread out throughout the semester and entirely multiple choice. However, your grade is based solely on the tests. The professor was fair about giving points back when most students got it wrong, and the tests were always fair, but you definitely have to know your stuff.

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4. Attend the review sessions

A friend attended the sessions and they helped her a ton. The TA’s were aware of what was on the test, and informed students as to what they should go over and mentioned things that were not always mentioned in class.


5. Enjoy the class!

While some of the information seemed like it was common sense, the class was informative and we were able to watch a lot of cool videos and even participate in an experiment. Who wouldn’t want to learn about why people do some of the strange things they do?



Overall, this class is pretty easy to do well in. Study hard and show up to class and you’re pretty much guaranteed a good grade. Plus, you’ll gain knowledge about people and will be able to figure out a lot about the way people act!


Shannon Schierenbeck

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