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10 of the Easiest Classes at Binghamton University

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12 Jan 2017
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Binghamton University is one of the most competitive universities in New York, and with great education comes challenging classes. If you’re already swamped with philosophy, calculus, or molecular physics, here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at Binghamton University.

1. ENG 380W - American Hangout

This class is all about like-minded individuals getting together to create history. Explore your creative side while you make instruments out of things you find in your dorm, create poems out of random lines from books, and discuss world issues in an innovative setting. Think it sounds too good to be true? Go ahead, and sign up!

2. THEA 101 - Intro to Musical Theater

Even if you’re not a total theater nerd, this class will make you want to become one. Ace easy listening quizzes on various musicals and watch movie renditions like Chicago and Rent. You’ll be doing jazz hands all the way back to your dorm.

3. CINE 121 - History and Analysis of Cinema

Remember those days in high school when your heart would skip a beat because you heard you were watching a movie in class that day? Well this is basically the college version of that- every class! So get your popcorn and candy ready… or maybe just a sleeping mask.

4. GEO 151 - World Regional Geography

Freshmen, listen up. Feel like learning about how countries deal with major issues within themselves and their surrounding peeps? Well even if you’re bored to death, this class will get you an easy A with practice quizzes that ask the same questions as your online tests. Plus, it fulfills two major gen-eds, so take your pick!

5. CS 101 - Intro to Computing

Are you a computer science major, but have no idea how to start your career path? This class meets once a week and basically just gives you some basic resources about your possible professions, how to get info on campus, and what’s being updated in the CS world. It’s basically a google-search in the form of a class!

6. EVOS 105 - Evolution for Everyone

If you’re still confused as to how we went from amoebas to apes to humans, this class has got you covered. Open-book, online tests and an optional final are just fun little perks to a course that’s actually pretty interesting!

7. HIST 186C - World History to 1500

I know what you’re thinking. This class sounds like a nightmare. However, the quizzes are on vocab (throwback to sixth grade social studies) and the material is super simple. Break out your world maps and remember: warm water ports and cultural diffusion!

8. WGSS 280B-01 - Good Girls/Bad Girls

Another class that lets you watch movies every time! Discuss feminism and the role of women in a variety of films over the span of 80 years. What other class would let you watch Trainwreck and Mad Max: Fury Road for a grade? Let me tell you, you won’t find many.

9. MUSP 165D - Jazz Improvisation

If you have any instrumental capability whatsoever, definitely take this class. There are no graded assignments, you just have to play a little something for the professor each week. If you improve at all over the semester, it’s a super easy A! Plus, you can refine your jazz riffs for the next time you need to serenade a special someone.

10. ENG 380Z - Erotic Literature

Do you get a little… distracted in class, thinking about some questionable content? Why not get graded for it! This class will make you blush as you analyze and discuss erotic poems, stories, and films in a way you probably never thought possible. Research through experience, anyone? ;)


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