Whether you’re taking the course to fulfill a Gen-Ed requirement or you’re a potential Human Development major, there is a lot to learn from this course. You will be able to learn more about the Binghamton community, but you’ll also learn a little bit about yourself along the way.

1. You will have to complete 15 hours of community service by the end of the semester.

You will be given a list of places in the community with their description and will have to create a “Top 3” list. Most of the time, you will get your first choice. Be sure to choose a place that interests you, as you will have to get to know the people there in order to get the most out of the class.


2. The class is entirely group based.

If you don’t like group projects, this is not the class for you. You will have to work with your group in order to do each of the projects based around your volunteer hours. While you don’t have to complete your community service hours with the group, you will have to meet outside of class in order to complete the assignments.

group project

3. You’re going to have to interview people where your community service hours are taking place – and these interviews may get personal. 

The class requires students to learn about assets of those involved in the community, and will also require you to ask them personal questions. Be sure to form some sort of relationship with them in the beginning in order to make it a more comfortable situation.


4. You will do well on the quizzes as long as you do the reading.

Definitely consider taking notes on the reading, as the quizzes go back to readings from weeks prior, and the questions can be specific. The quizzes usually involve questions pertaining to a variety of aspects of the reading from both the book and the articles. Questions include who the author was, the topic of the piece, or specific details about certain parts of the readings.


5. While there are times that the class seems a little overwhelming, you will learn a lot.

In taking this class, it is impossible not to learn about the community of Binghamton and a lot about social entrepreneurs. Occasionally, new professors will come speak to the class and will include new topics that you wouldn’t expect to learn about such as money or their own studies. Taking the class can help you figure out which aspect of human development catches your attention most.


While 15 hours of community service may seem overwhelming, it will help you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. It is incredible to see all that people are accomplishing all around the world for those who are less fortunate. As long as you complete the required reading and service hours, you are bound to do well.


Shannon Schierenbeck

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