Binghamton University is home to several different living communities, each with their own distinct personalities. Where you choose to live in Binghamton can play a large role in your experience at the school, and effect what activities you participate in.

1. Do you want to be part of a learning community?

There are 8 learning community themes at Binghamton University. Information about each one can be found here. If you decide you want to be part of one, this will automatically assign you to a community and you will be living with others who chose to be in that community.


2. What style room do you want?

You must then consider whether you want a single or if you want a roommate, and whether you want to live in a suite or a corridor style room. Suites can include anywhere from 5 to 6 people depending on where you live, and corridor style is living on a hallway.


3. Do you want to share 2 bathrooms with 4 or 5 other people, or are you okay with communal showers?

Not all of the communities have identical set-ups, and it is important to consider your bathroom preferences before choosing a community. While some people are indifferent as to their bathroom situation, others care a lot. Depending on what you were used to while you were home, you may care a little more about your bathroom situation than others do.


4. Do you want to be closer to other living communities or classes?

CIW is close to both the brain and Dickinson and Mountainview. Dickinson is close to the dining halls and the CIW community. Hinman is far from other communities but close to classes. Definitely consider this as an option, especially since winters are cold and snowy in Binghamton.


5. What activities and traditions do you want to participate in?

Each living community has their own traditions such as Co-Rec football, hall events, and various types of holiday celebrations. Each dorm community feels genuine pride for their community and you will quickly feel right at home. Living with new people may appear scary at first, but you’ll find your place quicker than you may expect!


No matter where you live, you will become prideful of your community. Binghamton‘s residential communities help their students form a close knit relationship like no other. Definitely consider these choices before making a final decision!


Shannon Schierenbeck

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