If you’ve never heard of the PwC Scholars Program before, you’re not alone. This exceptional honors program within the School of Management is one of Binghamton University’s hidden treasures. Offering a curriculum and professional development, a close network of friends and future business partners, and unique community service and leadership opportunities, the PwC Scholars Program is like no other. If the program has intrigued you and you have a scholarly desire to learn more, here are some thing that you should know:

1. It is sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The namesake of the program is, in fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers, a member firm of the “Big Four” in accounting and the #1 accounting firm on the Vault Accounting 50, a list of the top accounting firms in the United States. PwC Scholars have unique access to employment opportunities and professional knowledge through frequent personal interaction with the PwC campus recruiter and a PwC partner during social events sponsored by this renowned firm. Many PwC Scholars graduate with full-time offers to work in one of PwC’s practices.


2. It is a holistic program for personal development and achievement.

The Scholars program aims to develop its members through four pillars: academic achievement, professionalism, community service/fundraising and unique networking opportunities. Scholars are challenged by additional academic requirements and a specialized curriculum, as well as leadership responsibility within the organization and beyond to become the future of the University and of their professions. Scholars are often the leaders of other campus organizations, sports teams, and community service efforts.


3. It is entirely separate from the Binghamton University Scholars Program

The Binghamton University Scholars program is the university-wide honors program that offers admission to the top applicants to the University’s liberal arts college, Harpur College, the Watson School of Engineering, the Decker School of Nursing, and the College of Community and Public Affairs. However, the PwC Scholars Program is exclusively for School of Management students. This allows the program to craft its offerings to be most professionally beneficial to top students pursuing careers in business.

4.  It is super exclusive.

The School of Management is the most exclusive school at the university with an acceptance rate of 24% and approximately 220 students in each freshman class. Of those 220, approximately 25 are PwC Scholars offered freshman admission to the program. Freshmen offered admission to the program are considered by the University to be in the top 10% of the applicant pool to the School of Management. The small number of admitted students creates a tight-knit group of peers that become lifelong friends.


5. There is no freshman application to the program.

Each applicant to the School of Management is evaluated by the admissions counselors for candidacy for the program. Students of exceptional merit and outstanding extracurricular achievement are offered acceptance to the program with their acceptance to the University. These criteria are assessed through the standard application to the University, without a separate application for the program. But don’t fret! If a student is accepted to the School of Management but not to the PwC Scholars program,that student can apply in the second semester of their freshman year to be considered for admission in their first semester of their sophomore year.


The PwC Scholars program is by far one of the most exceptional features of Binghamton University. To learn more, visit the PwC Scholars instagram, @pwcscholars, or the Scholars’ University webpage.


Alex Reksten

Binghamton University student studying business and political science

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