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Top 10 Dorms at Bishop's University

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David Mello

Bishop's University is a stellar academic institution. Students flock to the school for some excellent classes. However, they also don't mind living there because of these great dorm buildings:

1. Mackinnon Hall

Rooms of all kinds are available here at Mackinnon. But what is has best to boast about is its location. The proximity to dining halls and recreation centers makes Mackinnon number one, for sure. Mackinnon Hall. Address: 70 South Green Dr

2. Pollack Hall

Pollack has a lot of conventional rooms, but it does stand out because of what it has potential for. If you're looking for a lower cost, look for a potential quadruple room. This works best as long as you don't mind being around more than just one roommate! Pollack Hall. Address: 555 Sherbrooke Street

3. Abbott Hall

Abbott Hall is a fairly conventional dorm building for Bishop's. However, it makes up for this with what it can provide for privacy. The shared bathroom situation makes it easy to get ready in the morning, too. Abbott Hall. Address: 256 Bogue Street

4. Paterson Hall

Paterson Hall is the one dorm opportunity at Bishop's for suite style living. With two bathrooms included, you'll basically have your own living space within a living space. The dorm rooms at Paterson resemble a condo.

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Paterson Hall. Address: 1125 Colonel By Dr

5. Kuehner Hall

Kuehner Hall has some pretty solid shared rooms that come with bathrooms that even feature vanities. It's a bit further from campus, but it is still close to the recreation center. Kuehner Hall is also a fairly small building, which can help with community building. Kuehner Hall. Address: 1255 N Virginia St

6. Norton Hall

One of the oldest dorm buildings on campus, Norton rebukes the stereotypes of old dorm buildings. It still fits into the modern scenario of dorm style living. It also just happens to be the closest dorm to the center of campus. Norton Hall. Address: 308 NB-124 Norton

7. Lennoxville

Obviously, the ideal for living at school is to live on campus, but Bishop's also has some quality off-campus options. Lennoxville is the best option for students considering that decision. Apartments come in many forms and you can pick your roommates affordably, too! Lennoxville. Address: 7 Reed Street

8. Munster Hall

Munster Hall offers some exceptional dorm rooms that feel like singles. However, they accomplish this with regular double style living. Located near to the library, Munster is a great choice for studious residents of Bishop's. Munster Hall. Address: 520 Chemin Redden

9. Magog

Magog is another off-campus living situation for Bishop's students. What knocks it down a few pegs from Lennoxville is the fact that it has less accessibility. But it may be harder to get into, but it's worthwhile for those who do! Magog. Address: 720 Olive Street

10. Sherbrooke

Lastly, Sherbrooke is a choice option for Bishop's students who are looking for an unconventional place to live. It's a bit of a distance from campus, but it has plenty of amenities. There is not as much room for residents as some of the others, but this only contributes to a great sense of community. Sherbrooke. Address: 1035 Wellington South Bishop's University provides a lot to its students. And with a great living area, students reap the benefits. You can't go wrong with any dorm here!  

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Bishop's

1. Room Basics

Shoe rack. – Bedside table – Shoe rack – Shower caddy – Toiletries – Closet organizer

2. Food and Snacks

Blender. – Mugs – Napkins – Breakfast bars – Blender – Microwave

3. Tech and Entertainment

Chromebook. – Printer – Tablet – Cell phone charger – Chromebook – Netflix

4. School Supplies

Pencil sharpener. – Pencil sharpener – Pencils – Erasers – Notebook – Stapler

5. Cleaning and Organization

Bleach. – Iron – Bleach – Towels – Tissues – Towel bar

6. Campus Gear

Umbrella. – Umbrella – Rain coat – Galoshes – Bike – Bike lock

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Pocket knife. – Microwave – Blender – Wall hooks – Iron – Pocket knives


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