The gym at Bloomsburg University is described as the furthest point from anything, which evidently is true. Although the distance from dorms to the Bloomsburg’s gym is quite the hick, there is a percentage of students who overlook the distance and attend the gym. But to do so, all students must face the 5 steps below.

Step One:

Getting dressed is the first step and one of the hardest. Walking to the gym you need to have enough clothing to not freeze, but when entering the gym you need the least amount of clothing allowed because you will sweat your booty off. The gym will feel like a sauna after you have left the freezing winds outside.

Image result for layering up gif


Step Two: 

Deciding if you would rather go to Late-night Wings or the gym. If you live in Montour, you know very well this is a huge obstacle to overcome. The smell of boneless wings is dangerous, but the Freshman 15 is also dangerous. The buffalo wings are ever so addicting, but you know what the healthy choice physically is.

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Step Three:

Staring at the stairs and deciding if your legs will feel the burn or break off by the time you get to the quad. But don’t worry, you can do it. If you make it to your 8am lecture at Mccormick, anything is possible. Think of the stairs as your warmup before you get dim gains at the gym.

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Step Four:

Now that you have successfully reached the quad, looking up to realize that McCormick may be 100 feet away, but the gym is still a hike further. Breathe in and out and tell yourself,  you are am almost there.  You have already made it half way, there’s no stopping you now.Image result for hiking gif

Step Five:

Reaching the gym door and glowing with pride you actually made it here. You did it! Most importantly you choose the gym over late-night wings, be proud of yourself. Buffalo wings 0 : You 1. You are invincible!

Image result for proud gif


Any student at Bloomsburg University that makes it through the 5 treacherous steps above and conquers their way to the gym deserves a pat on their back. Although the gym is far and the walk there is freezing, once you get inside, there is a large variety of activities to choose from. From basketball, racket ball, lifting, rocking climbing in all, every student will feel the burn – even from just the walk there.

Casey Superfine

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